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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2017Insertable NO/CO Microsensors Recording Gaseous Vasomodulators Reflecting Differential Neuronal Activation Level with Respect to Seizure Focus이영미Article
2017Real-time Selective Detection of Hydrogen Peroxide Based on a Tantalum Deposited Pencil Lead Electrode for Evaluation of Enzyme Activities이종목; 이영미Article
2017Kinetic Study on Quinuclidinolysis of O-Phenyl O-Y-substituted-Phenyl Thionocarbonates: Effects of Changing Nonleaving Group from Thionobenzoyl to Phenyloxythionocarbonyl on Reactivity and Transition-State Structure엄익환Article
2017Structural and mechanistic characterization of an archaeal-like chaperonin from a thermophilic bacterium윤여준; 차선신Article
2017Nanotubular Iridium-Cobalt Mixed Oxide Crystalline Architectures Inherited from Cobalt Oxide for Highly Efficient Oxygen Evolution Reaction Catalysis이종목; 이영미; 김명화Article
2017A Far-Red-Emitting Fluorescence Probe for Sensitive and Selective Detection of Peroxynitrite in Live Cells and Tissues윤주영Article
2017Stereochemistry of metal tetramethylcyclam complexes directed by an unexpected anion effect김선희Article
2017A subphthalocyanine-pyrene dyad: electron transfer and singlet oxygen generation남원우; Shunichi FukuzumiArticle
2017Myocardial metabolic alterations in mice with diet-induced atherosclerosis: Linking sulfur amino acid and lipid metabolism황금숙Article
2017Kinetic Study on Alkaline Hydrolysis of 2-Pyridyl and 4-Pyridyl X-substituted-Benzoates: Effects of Benzoyl Substituent X and Leaving-Group Basicity on Reactivity and Reaction Mechanism엄익환Article
2017Kinetic Study on Nucleophilic Substitution Reactions of O-Phenyl O-Y-substituted-Phenyl Thionocarbonates with 1,8-Diazabicyclo[5.4.0]undec-7-ene in Acetonitrile엄익환Article
2017Achieving One-Electron Oxidation of a Mononuclear Nonheme Iron(V)-Imido Complex남원우Article
2017Manganese complex-catalyzed oxidation and oxidative kinetic resolution of secondary alcohols by hydrogen peroxide남원우Article
2017Hierarchical Porous Carbonized Co3O4 Inverse Opals via Combined Block Copolymer and Colloid Templating as Bifunctional Electrocatalysts in Li–O2 Battery김동하Article
2017A Highly Reactive Oxoiron(IV) Complex Supported by a Bioinspired N3O Macrocyclic Ligand남원우Article
2017Dioxygen Activation and O-O Bond Formation Reactions by Manganese Corroles남원우; Shunichi FukuzumiArticle
2017Nano-structure tin/nitrogen-doped reduced graphene oxide composites as high capacity lithium-ion batteries anodes황성주Article
2017Multiplexed photoluminescent sensors: Towards improved disease diagnostics윤주영Review
2017Medium effect (water versus MeCN) on reactivity and reaction pathways for the SNAr reaction of 1-aryloxy-2,4-dinitrobenzenes with cyclic secondary amines엄익환Article
2006Crystal structure of a coordination polymer cation of {[Ni(NO3)(H2O)2(btp)]+}∞ bridged by two btp Ligands (btp = 2,6-bis(N′-1,2,4-triazolyl)pyridine)김성진; 김영미Note