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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2018Generalized Polya process차지환Book Chapter
2018Poisson shock model with applications to preventive maintenance차지환Book Chapter
2018Advanced poisson shock models차지환Book Chapter
2018Shocks as the discrete scale차지환Book Chapter
2018Introduction차지환Book Chapter
2017Functional central limit theorems for ARCH(∞) models이외숙Article
2017Bayesian analysis of financial volatilities addressing long-memory, conditional heteroscedasticity and skewed error distribution오만숙; 신동완Article
2017Intensive numerical studies of optimal sufficient dimension reduction with singularity유재근Article
2017Stationary bootstrapping for structural break tests for a heterogeneous autoregressive model신동완Article
2017Fused sliced inverse regression in survival analysis유재근Article
2017Measuring herd behavior: Properties and pitfalls안재윤Article
2018On a New Shot Noise Process and the Induced Survival Model차지환Article
2018Bivariate preventive maintenance of systems with lifetimes dependent on a random shock process차지환Article
2018Tests for structural breaks in memory parameters of long-memory heterogeneous autoregressive models신동완; 황은주Article
2018Partial least squares fusing unsupervised learning유재근Article
2018On information-based residual lifetime in survival models with delayed failures차지환Article
2018Pptreeviz: An R package for visualizing projection pursuit classification trees이은경Article
2018Optimal replacement policy under a general failure and repair model: Minimal versus worse than old repair차지환Article
2018A case study for intercontinental comparison of herd behavior in global stock markets안재윤Article
2018Forecasting daily PM10 concentrations in Seoul using various data mining techniques송종우Article