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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2020Independence test of a continuous random variable and a discrete random variable김미정Article
2020On hierarchical clustering in sufficient dimension reduction유재근Article
2020Clustering with varying risks of false assignments in discrete latent variable model이동환Article
2020An allometric pharmacokinetic model and minimum effective analgesic concentration of fentanyl in patients undergoing major abdominal surgery이은경Article
2020A hybrid preventive maintenance model for systems with partially observable degradation차지환Article
2019Pkconverter: R package to convert the pharmacokinetic parameters이은경Article
2019Note on response dimension reduction for multivariate regression유재근Article
2019The roles of differencing and dimension reduction in machine learning forecasting of employment level using the FRED big data신동완Article
2019Introduction to convolutional neural network using Keras; An understanding from a statistician송종우Article
2020On a new age-replacement policy for items with observed stochastic degradation차지환Article
2020Bonus-Malus premiums under the dependent frequency-severity modeling안재윤Article
2019Stochastic modeling of quality of systems operating in a heterogeneous environment차지환Article
2020A mean-difference test based on self-normalization for alternating regime index data sets신동완Article
2020A self-normalization test for correlation change신동완Article
2020Changes in plasma volume before and after major abdominal surgery following stroke volume variation-guided fluid therapy: a randomized controlled trial이은경Article
2020On structural properties of an asymmetric copula family and its statistical implication안재윤; 김미정Article
2020Fused clustering mean estimation of central subspace유재근Article
2020Associations of personality and clinical characteristics with excessive Internet and smartphone use in adolescents: A structural equation modeling approach이동환Article
2020Stochastic modelling of operational quality ofk-out-of-nsystems차지환Article
2020On optimal life extension for degrading systems차지환Article