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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2019Poisson Lindley process and its main properties차지환Article
2019A new class of multivariate counting processes and its characterization차지환Article
2019On some characteristics of quality for systems operating in a random environment차지환Article
2019Investigating dependence between frequency and severity via simple generalized linear models안재윤Article
2019Quantile forecasts for financial volatilities based on parametric and asymmetric models신동완Article
2019Predictive performance of a new pharmacokinetic model for propofol in underweight patients during target-controlled infusion이은경Article
2019Moving block bootstrapping for a CUSUM test for correlation change신동완Article
2019Stochastic modeling for systems with delayed failures차지환Article
2019Construction of multiple decrement tables under generalized fractional age assumptions안재윤Article
2019Forecast of realized covariance matrix based on asymptotic distribution of the LU decomposition with an application for balancing minimum variance portfolio신동완Article
2018Modelling of Marginally Regular Bivariate Counting Process and its Application to Shock Model차지환Article
2018On optimal replacement of systems with failure rates described by a random jump process차지환Article
2018A dynamic bivariate common shock model with cumulative effect and its actuarial application차지환Article
2018Forecasting realized volatility: A review신동완Review
2018The analgesic potency dose of remifentanil to minimize stress response induced by intubation and measurement uncertainty of Surgical Pleth Index이은경Article
2018Effects of internet and Smartphone addictions on depression and anxiety based on propensity score matching analysis이동환Article
2018Distinct patterns of internet and smartphone-related problems among adolescents by gender: Latent class analysis이동환Article
2018Optimal mission abort policy for partially repairable heterogeneous systems차지환Article
2018Stochastic comparisons and multivariate dependence for the epoch times of trend renewal processes차지환Article