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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2020Restoration of the natural E(1/2(1)(+)) - E(3/2(1)(+)) energy splitting in odd -K isotopes towards N=40한인식Article
2020Nuclear-modification factor of charged hadrons at forward and backward rapidity in p plus Al and p plus Au collisions at root S-NN=200 GeV한인식Article
2020Measurement of J/Psi at forward and backward rapidity in p plus p, p plus Al, p + Au, and He-3+Au collisions at root s(NN)=200 GeV한인식Article
2020Growth and development of pure Li2MoO4 crystals for rare event experiment at CUP한인식Article; Proceedings Paper
2020Measurement of charged pion double spin asymmetries at midrapidity in longitudinally polarized p plus p collisions at root s=510 GeV한인식Article
2020Measurements of the Specific Activities of(137)Cs in Antarctica Environmental Samples by Using the Low-Level Radiation Analysis Method한인식; 허장용Article
2019Science teachers' difficulties and solutions of free semester science assessment최애란Article
2019Inquiry-based science instruction perceived by beginning science teachers in a professional learning community최애란Article
2019Analysis of achievement standards, activities, and assessment items in Integrated Science, Chemistry I, Chemistry II textbooks on science core competency: Focusing on acid·base·neutralization and oxidation·reduction최애란Article
2020Thick branes with codimension 1 in modified gravities김성원Article; Proceedings Paper
2020A Blueprint for the Milky Way's Stellar Populations: The Power of Large Photometric and Astrometric Surveys안덕근Article
2020Assessments of natural and anthropogenic influences on water chemistry in the upper Nakdong River, South Korea이정훈Article
2020New Era of Air Quality Monitoring from Space: Geostationary Environment Monitoring Spectrometer (GEMS)유정문; 박선기; 최용상; 안명환Article
2020The Hydrogeochemical Characteristics of Groundwater Subjected to Seawater Intrusion in the Archipelago, Korea이정훈Article
2020Students' Construct and Critique of Claims and Evidence Through Online Asynchronous Discussion Combined with In-Class Discussion최애란Article
2020Enzymatically degradable, starch-based layer-by-layer films: application to cytocompatible single-cell nanoencapsulation박지훈Article
2020The gravitational perturbation of a Morris-Thorne wormhole and the Newman-Penrose formalism김성원; 강유리Article
2020Examining tensions in the socioscientific issues classroom: Students' border crossings into a new culture of science이현주Article
2020Mean transit time and subsurface flow paths in a humid temperate headwater catchment with granitic bedrock이정훈Article
2020First record of the complete mitochondrial genome of Aedes koreicus (Edwards, 1917) (Diptera: Culicidae) in South Korea정종우Article