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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
1988"What is man?" in Mark Twain's later writing민혜숙Master's Thesis
1988A-조응어와 일반결속이론장정화Master's Thesis
1988The syllable in English phonology : a lexical approach최경애Doctoral Thesis
1987(The) Jew of Malta와 The merchant of Venice 연구김영미Master's Thesis
1987John Barth의 Lost in the Funhouse에 나타난 "고갈의 문학"공미리Master's Thesis
1987Hamlet의 희극적 요소와 비극성과의 관계노영숙Master's Thesis
1987Henry James의 The Wings of the Dove연구이승은Master's Thesis
1987(The) Winter's tale에 나타난 사랑의 문제임정숙Master's Thesis
1987Shelly와 Keats 비교연구유정화Master's Thesis
1987장벽이론과 공범주姜秀美Master's Thesis