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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2004Second Order Cone Relaxation of Polynomial Optimization Problems with the Ball ConstraintLee, Min-KyoungMaster's Thesis
2004Euler Chracteristics of Surfaces with Negative Curvature劉点志Master's Thesis
2003An extension of second order cone relaxation of a positive semidefinite constraint for banded systems김은정Master's Thesis
2003Integrability of distributions이소연Master's Thesis
2003Semigroups that are groups김소정Master's Thesis
2003Iterative convex relaxation methods for nonconvex optimization problems허윤희Master's Thesis
2003A note on Quasi-Cyclic codes over Zpm지미연Master's Thesis
2003A public key cryptosystem scheme based on the Reed-Solomon code김지연Master's Thesis
2003Identity based authenticated key agreement protocol from pairing박정민Master's Thesis
2003Computational tools for stock price analysis박찬형Master's Thesis
2003A Stationary Binary Subdivision Scheme By Radial Basis Function Interpolation이연주Master's Thesis
2003A cryptosystem using braid groups김연진Master's Thesis
2003Euler characteristic interpreted by intersection theory조민재Master's Thesis
2003Cobordisms and invariants of symplectic quotients이지윤Doctoral Thesis
2003Discreteness of flux groups임명임Doctoral Thesis
2003The arithmetic of signed binary fields김희선Master's Thesis
2003An efficient identity based signcryption scheme based on pairing안호정Master's Thesis
2003Some historical remarks on elliptic curves김윤미Master's Thesis
2003Leaf of foliation엄고운Master's Thesis