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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2018Gastroesophageal reflux disease and its related factors among women of reproductive age: Korea Nurses’ Health Study김옥수Article
2018Characteristics of nursing students with high levels of academic resilience: A cross-sectional study신수진Article
2018Effect of self-monitoring on long-term patient engagement with mobile health applications이건아Article
2018Preferences of older inpatients and their family caregivers for life-sustaining treatments in South Korea양숙자Article
2018Quality of Life and Its Factors in Korean Elderly With Mild Cognitive Impairment강윤희Article
2018Radiation safety education and compliance with safety proceduresThe Korea Nurses' Health Study김옥수; 강윤희Article
2018Labor and Delivery Simulation: Does Timing Matter?강숙정Article
2018Nurse staffing and nurse outcomes: A systematic review and meta-analysis신수진; 배성희Review
2018Self-care model based on the theory of unpleasant symptoms in patients with heart failure강윤희Article
2018Effects of Static Stretching Exercise on Lumbar Flexibility and Central Arterial Stiffness김석선Article
2018Workplace sexual violence against nurses and the role of professional associations차지영Article
2004Rearing behavior and rearing stress of fathers with children of preschool and school age.이자형Article
2018Emergency department nurses' experience of performing CPR in South Korea차지영Article
2018Prevalence and Correlates of Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors among North Korean Defectors김석선Article
2018Testing a Model to Predict Problem Gambling in Speculative Game Users김석선Article
2001The family vs. the government: the changing face of geriatric care in South Korea.신경림Article
2004Prevalence and determining factors related to depression among adult women in Korea.신경림Article
2004A study on depression, stress, and social support in adult women.신경림Article
2005The effects of exercise program on knowledge and attitude of exercise and depression in low-income elderly women신경림Article
2000The meaning of the clinical learning experience of Korean nursing students신경림Article