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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2001The family vs. the government: the changing face of geriatric care in South Korea.신경림Article
2004Prevalence and determining factors related to depression among adult women in Korea.신경림Article
2004A study on depression, stress, and social support in adult women.신경림Article
2005The effects of exercise program on knowledge and attitude of exercise and depression in low-income elderly women신경림Article
2000The meaning of the clinical learning experience of Korean nursing students신경림Article
1991An experimental study of the effects of sensory stimulation on the early growth and development of korean low-birth-weight infants이자형Article
1994Psychosocial predictors of depressive symptoms in Korean-American women in New York City신경림Article
1997Korean urban women's experience of menopause: New life이경혜Article
1997Loneliness: A predictor of health perceptions among older Korean immigrants김옥수Article
1998Korean adolescents' experiences of smoking cessation: A prelude to research with the human becoming perspective김문실; 신경림Article
1998Critical thinking ability and clinical decision-making skills among senior nursing students in associate and baccalaureate programmes in Korea신경림Article
2001Sex differences in social support, loneliness, and depression among Korean college students김옥수Article
2002The relationship of depression to health risk behaviors and health perceptions in Korean college students김옥수Article
2001Body weight, self-esteem, and depression in Korean female adolescents김옥수Article
2003Comparisons of Body Mass Index, perception of body weight, body shape satisfaction, and self-esteem among Korean adolescents김옥수Article
2005Effects of uncertainty on perceived health status in patients with atrial fibrillation.강윤희Article
2005Health education program development for infants, toddlers and preschool children이자형Article
2005Effects of a drug misuse and abuse prevention program on knowledge, attitude, and preventive behaviors related to drug misuse and abuse, and depression in low-income elderly women신경림Article
2005A longitudinal study of critical thinking dispositions & critical thinking skills in baccalaureate nursing students신경림Article
2005Knowledge, health belief, and self-efficacy related to osteoporosis신경림Article