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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
1996Impact of childhood cancer on religious life of Korean families김수지Article
1998The professional self concept of Korean hospital nurses김수지Article
2019A prediction model for physical activity adherence for secondary prevention among patients with coronary artery disease [관상동맥질환자의 이차예방을 위한 신체활동 이행 예측모형]김옥수Article
2019Development of a measurement of suicidal protection (MSP) for high school students in Korea [한국 고등학생의 자살 보호요인 측정도구 개발]양숙자Article
2020Using the Angoff method to set a standard on mock exams for the Korean Nursing Licensing examination신수진Article
2020Factors influencing healthcare provider-patient communication of patients with chronic diseases김미영Article
2019Appropriate Nursing Home Nurse Hours per Resident Day in Korea: A Secondary Analysis of Longitudinal Data신주현Article
2020Risk Factors of Dysphagia Among Community-Dwelling Middle-Aged Women Focused on Oropharyngeal Phase정덕유Article
2020Comparative evaluations of single-item pain-intensity measures in cancer patients: Numeric rating scale vs. verbal rating scale정선옥Article
2020Nursing student and faculty competency improvement through a nurse-bridging program in Cambodia양숙자; 차지영; 안보미Article
2020Improvement Plan of Nurse Staffing Standards in Korea신주현; 신수진; 박종덕Review
2020Nurses' experiences of providing "sensitive nursing care" for terminally-ill individuals with cancer: A qualitative study김미영Article
2020Medication Adherence and Its Associated Factors in Laotians With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus강윤희Article
2020Effects of gender and age on dietary intake and body mass index in hypertensive patients: Analysis of the korea national health and nutrition examination김옥수Article
2020What should be included in web-based simulation for new nurses?강숙정Article
2020Journaling for self-care and coping in mothers of troubled children in the community김석선Article
2020Development and Psychometric Evaluation of a Fear of Dementia Scale for Community-Dwelling Older Adults정덕유Article
2020Depressive Symptoms and Sleep Disturbance in Female Nurses with Atopic Dermatitis: The Korea Nurses' Health Study김옥수Article
2020Effects of auricular acupressure on the quality of sleep and anxiety in patients undergoing cardiac surgery: A single-blind, randomized controlled trial박효정Article
2020Factors Related to Persistent Postoperative Pain after Cardiac Surgery: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis신수진Review