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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2020Process of Diabetes Management in Young Adults with Type 1 Diabetes김미영Article
2020Development and psychometric validation of a scale of the compliance with blood-borne pathogens prevention강윤희Article
2020Factors influencing nurses' intention to care for patients with emerging infectious diseases: Application of the theory of planned behavior강숙정Article
2020Effects of Auricular Acupressure on Korean Children Who are Obese박효정Article
2020Development and Evaluation of Suicide Prevention Nursing Competency Programs for Visiting Nurses김석선Article
2020Nurses and Nursing Students' Recognition of Good Instruction신수진Article
2020Extent of and factors associated with pain among older residents in nursing homes in South Korea: A nationwide survey study배성희Article
2020Function-focused care programme for older people in Korean long-term care facilities정덕유Article
2020Exploring Complicity of Cervical Cancer Screening in Malawi: The Interplay of Behavioral, Cultural, and Societal Influences강윤희Article
2019Factors Relating to the Quality of Care for Nursing Home Residents in Korea: Using the Delphi Method신주현; 이지연Article
2019Computerized programs for cancer survivors with cognitive problems: a systematic review강숙정Review
2019Investigation of Longitudinal Data Analysis Hierarchical Linear Model and Latent Growth Model Using a Longitudinal Nursing Home Dataset신주현Article
2020Sick Students Presenteeism Among Nursing Students in 3 Countries신주현Article
2019Effects of structural empowerment and professional governance on autonomy and job satisfaction of the Korean nurses김미영Article
2019Nurse staffing and hospital-acquired conditions: A systematic review신수진; 배성희Review
2014Nurses' experiences of ethical preparedness for public health emergencies and healthcare disasters: A systematic review of qualitative evidenceSusan TuraleReview
2014Assessing the relationships between nurse work hours/overtime and nurse and patient outcomes: Systematic literature review배성희Review
2014Analysis of Nurse Staffing and Patient Outcomes Using Comprehensive Nurse Staffing Characteristics in Acute Care Nursing Units배성희Article
2014Effectiveness of a behavior modification program for older people with uncontrolled Type 2 DiabetesSusan TuraleArticle
2014Impact of States' Nurse Work Hour Regulations on Overtime Practices and Work Hours among Registered Nurses배성희Article