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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2018A Characterization of Binary Quadratic Optimization Problems최혜지Master's Thesis
1999A convergence criterion for Secant method with approximate zeros김선영Article
2020A dual spectral projected gradient method for log-determinant semidefinite problems김선영Article
2003A general framework for convex relaxation of polynomial optimization problems over cones김선영Article
2016A Lagrangian–DNN relaxation: a fast method for computing tight lower bounds for a class of quadratic optimization problems김선영Article
2002A newton-based approach for attributing tumor lethality in animal carcinogenicity studies김선영Article
2013A quadratically constrained quadratic optimization model for completely positive cone programming김선영Article
2017A robust Lagrangian-DNN method for a class of quadratic optimization problems김선영Article
2007A study of Wetland Vegetation and Microbial Communities under Elevated CO₂, Warming, and Drought김선영Doctoral Thesis
2008Algorithm 883: SparsePOP - A sparse semidefinite programming relaxation of polynomial optimization problems김선영Article
2012Algorithm 920: SFSDP: A sparse version of full semidefinite programming relaxation for sensor network localization problems김선영Article
2019Algorithm 996: BBCPOP: A Sparse Doubly Nonnegative Relaxation of Polynomial Optimization Problems With Binary, Box, and Complementarity Constraints김선영Article
2009An Assessment of Volatility Transmission of Stock Index Futures Returns강재란Master's Thesis
2020Association between work stress and risk of suicidal ideation: A cohort study among Korean employees examining gender and age differences임원정; 김선영Article
2017Binary quadratic optimization problems that are difficult to solve by conic relaxations김선영Article
1996Computational techniques for inverse problems in kidney modeling김선영Article
2003Computing all nonsingular solutions of cyclic-n polynomial using polyhedral homotopy continuation methods김선영Article
2018Convexification of a Nonconvex Quadratic by a Second Order Cone and a Nonconvex Quadratic김설인Master's Thesis
2008Correlative sparsity in primal-dual interior-point methods for LP, SDP, and SOCP김선영Article
2020Doubly nonnegative relaxations are equivalent to completely positive reformulations of quadratic optimization problems with block-clique graph structures김선영Article
2018Equivalences and differences in conic relaxations of combinatorial quadratic optimization problems김선영Article
2020Exact Doubly Nonnegative Relaxations for Polynomial Optimization Problems with Block-Clique Graph Structures최지영Master's Thesis
2017Exact semidefinite programming relaxations with truncated moment matrix for binary polynomial optimization problems김선영Article
2003Exact solutions of some nonconvex quadratic optimization problems via SDP and SOCP relaxations김선영Article
2011Exploiting sparsity in linear and nonlinear matrix inequalities via positive semidefinite matrix completion김선영Article
2009Exploiting sparsity in SDP relaxation for sensor network localization김선영Article
2012Exploiting sparsity in SDP relaxation of polynomial optimization problems김선영Book Chapter
2016Exploiting Sparsity of Bounded Sums of Squares Hierarchy for Polynomial Optimization이민지Master's Thesis
2016Extension of Completely Positive Cone Relaxation to Moment Cone Relaxation for Polynomial Optimization김선영Article