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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2023Transcriptomic response to salinity variation in native and introduced mud-tidal gastropod <i>Batillaria attramentaria</i>원용진Article
2023Differential Expression Patterns of Toll-like Receptors in COVID-19 Patients이수영; 고려진Review
2023Roles of Protein Post-Translational Modifications During Adipocyte Senescence이인혜Review
2021Flunarizine inhibits osteoclastogenesis by regulating calcium signaling and promotes osteogenesis정우진; 김태수Article
2023Cholesterol sulfate inhibits osteoclast differentiation and survival by regulating the AMPK–Sirt1–NF-κB pathway정우진; 이공락Article
2023Complexation of drug and hapten-conjugated aptamer with universal hapten antibody for pancreatic cancer treatment오구택Article
2023Tumor-Promoting Role of GNA14 in Colon Cancer Development이대기Article
2023Predictive Modeling of Ungulate–Vehicle Collision in the Republic of Korea장이권Article
2023Jeju Island: a sentinel for tracking ocean warming impacts on high-latitude benthic communities송준임Article
2022Comprehensive Analysis of Alternative Splicing in Gastric Cancer Identifies Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition Subtypes Associated with Survival이상혁; Charles LeeArticle
2023Symmetry Breaking of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells (hPSCs) in Micropattern Generates a Polarized Spinal Cord-Like Organoid (pSCO) with Dorsoventral Organization이상혁Article
2022JAX-CNV: A Whole-genome Sequencing-based Algorithm for Copy Number Detection at Clinical Grade LevelCharles LeeArticle
2023Genome assembly of the Korean intertidal mud-creeper <i>Batillaria attramentaria</i>원용진; 김유섭Article; Data Paper
2023Role of Nox4 in Mitigating Inflammation and Fibrosis in Dextran Sulfate Sodium-Induced Colitis이대기Article
2023Glucose Deprivation Induces Cancer Cell Death through Failure of ROS Regulation강상원Article
2023Pancreatic β-cell mitophagy as an adaptive response to metabolic stress and the underlying mechanism that involves lysosomal Ca2+ release오구택; 손성근Review
2023The mineralocorticoid receptor and extra-synaptic NMDA receptor in the lateral habenula involve in the vulnerability to early life stress in the maternal separation model정준모Article
2023A review on QST–FST comparisons of seed plants: Insights for conservation김유섭Review
2023Geographical subdivision of Alviniconcha snail populations in the Indian Ocean hydrothermal vent regions원용진Article
2023Expanding roles of centrosome abnormalities in cancers권미정Review