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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2023Statistical Inference and Sensitivity Analysis for Multiple Exposures Model정보람Doctoral Thesis
2023Visualizing Projection Pursuit Regression Tree Using XAI Approach조현선Doctoral Thesis
2020New models for Forecasting Realized Volatilities featuring Long memory, Asymmetry, and Outliers신지원Doctoral Thesis
2020Fused Clustering Dimension Reduction and Latent Model Analysis for High-Dimensional Multivariate Data엄혜연Doctoral Thesis
2020Studies on dynamics of correlation coefficients최지은Doctoral Thesis
2019Dependence Modeling in Collective Risk Models and its Application to Ratemaking in Non-life Insurance오로지Doctoral Thesis
2018Novel Development of Statistical Methodologies for Forecasting and Testing in Linear Model송혜진Doctoral Thesis
2017A Study on Bivariate Lifetime Distributions with Multiple Dynamic Competing Risks and Its Applications to Life Insurance김주영Doctoral Thesis
2017Studies on financial time series focusing on volatility and contagion김효진Doctoral Thesis
2013Strength of Evidence of Non-Inferiority Trials with the Two Confidence Interval Method with Random Margin왕소영Doctoral Thesis
2016Study on the Properties of the Generalized Polya Process and Their Applications to Insurance and Industry이현주Doctoral Thesis
2016Detecting significant effects based on a half-normal probability plot정종희Doctoral Thesis
2014생물의약품 임상시험에 사용되는 통계학적 고려사항남주선Doctoral Thesis
2007메타 자료와 패널자료에 대한 연구정윤영Doctoral Thesis
2003Robust Unit Root Tests for Seasonal and Panel Data오유진Doctoral Thesis
2005A Study on Robust Sign Tests for Unit Roots in MTAR and Panel Models박수정Doctoral Thesis