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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2020MARTX Toxin-Stimulated Interplay between Human Cells and Vibrio vulnificus김병식Article
2020Spatiotemporal Regulation ofVibrioExotoxins by HlyU and Other Transcriptional Regulators김병식Review
2021Pathogenic potential assessment of the Shiga toxin & ndash;producing Escherichia coli by a source attribution & ndash;considered machine learning model김병식Article
2021Epithelial-stromal communication via CXCL1-CXCR2 interaction stimulates growth of ovarian cancer cells through p38 activation권영주Article
2021Microbial Decontamination of Rice Germ Using a Large-Scale Plasma Jet-Pulsed Light-Ultraviolet-C Integrated Treatment System정명수Article
2021Recovery of hesperidin and narirutin from waste Citrus unshiu peel using subcritical water extraction aided by pulsed electric field treatment정명수Article
2021Decontamination of Powdery Foods Using an Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Device for Practical Application정명수Article
2021Discrimination of the Geographical Origin of Soybeans Using NMR-Based Metabolomics김영석Article
2021Mycobiome analysis for distinguishing the geographical origins of sesame seeds김영석Article
2021Anthocyanin Structure and pH Dependent Extraction Characteristics from Blueberries (Vaccinium corymbosum) and Chokeberries (Aronia melanocarpa) in Subcritical Water State정명수Article
2021Flavor Profiling by Consumers Segmented According to Product Involvement and Food Neophobia김광옥; 정서진Article
2021Unique Metabolic Profiles of Korean Rice According to Polishing Degree, Variety, and Geo-Environmental Factors김영석Article
2021Microbial ecology of alfalfa, radish, and rapeseed sprouts based on culture methods and 16S rRNA microbiome sequencing김선애Article
2002At what temperatures do consumers like to drink coffee?: Mixing methods이혜성Article
2001Hedonic R-index measurement of temperature preferences for drinking black coffee이혜성Article
2003Drinking hot coffee: Why doesn't it burn the mouth?이혜성Article
2007Sensory difference tests: Overdispersion and warm-up이혜성Article
2007The evolution of a model: A review of Thurstonian and conditional stimulus effects on difference testing이혜성Article
2005Sensory evaluation and marketing: Measurement of a consumer concept이혜성Article
2007Can the same-different test use a β-criterion as well as a τ-criterion?이혜성Article