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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2013A High-Dimensional, Deep-Sequencing Study of Lung Adenocarcinoma in Female Never-Smokers이상혁; 김재상; 김완규; 정연주Article
2004Alteration of immunoreactivity for SNARE proteins in the rat hippocampus after middle cerebral artery occlusion이경은; 정연주Article
2015Characterization of SLC22A18 as a tumor suppressor and novel biomarker in colorectal cancer이상혁; 김재상; 정연주Article
2020Characterization of TNNC1 as a Novel Tumor Suppressor of Lung Adenocarcinoma이상혁; 김재상; 정연주Article
2011Clinical validation of colorectal cancer biomarkers identified from bioinformatics analysis of public expression data이상혁; 김재상; 김완규; 정연주Article
2015Cytosolic Hsp60 orchestrates the survival and inflammatory responses of vascular smooth muscle cells in injured aortic vessels이상혁; 강상원; 김재상; 이두재; 정연주; 강동훈Article
2012Discovery of ALK-PTPN3 gene fusion from human non-small cell lung carcinoma cell line using next generation RNA sequencing이상혁; 김재상; 정연주Article
2020Earlier-Phased Cancer Immunity Cycle Strongly Influences Cancer Immunity in Operable Never-Smoker Lung Adenocarcinoma이상혁; 정연주Article
2003Effect of glucose/oxygen deprivation and reperfusion on the changes of the synapsinⅠ and phosphosynapsin in organotypic hippocampal slice culture정연주Doctoral Thesis
2021Elucidating molecular mechanisms of acquired resistance to BRAF inhibitors in melanoma using a microfluidic device and deep sequencing이상혁; 정연주Article
2014Exome and transcriptome profiling of lung adenocarcinoma in female never-smokers김재상; 김완규; 정연주Meeting Abstract
2021FCN3 functions as a tumor suppressor of lung adenocarcinoma through induction of endoplasmic reticulum stress이상혁; 김재상; 정연주Article
2008Glucose/oxygen deprivation and reperfusion upregulate SNAREs and complexin in organotypic hippocampal slice cultures이지희; 이경은; 정연주Article
2004Glucose/oxygen deprivation induces the alteration of synapsin I and phosphosynapsin이경은; 정연주Article
2019Identification of tumor suppressor miRNAs by integrative miRNA and mRNA sequencing of matched tumor-normal samples in lung adenocarcinoma이상혁; 김재상; 정연주; 서지혜Article
2004Increase of synapsin I, phosphosynapsin (ser-9), and GAP-43 in the rat hippocampus after middle celebral artery occlusion이경은; 정연주Article
2018Integrative Profiling of Alternative Splicing Induced by U2AF1 S34F Mutation in Lung Adenocarcinoma Reveals a Mechanistic Link to Mitotic Stress이상혁; 김재상; 정연주Article
2013Knockout of Toll-like receptor 2 attenuates Aβ25-35-induced neurotoxicity in organotypic hippocampal slice cultures이경은; 박은미; 정연주Article in Press
2012Oxygen/glucose deprivation and reperfusion cause modifications of postsynaptic morphology and activity in the ca3 area of organotypic hippocampal slice cultures이경은; 정연주Article
2016Rapid emergence and mechanisms of resistance by U87 glioblastoma cells to doxorubicin in an in vitro tumor microfluidic ecology이상혁; 김재상; 정연주Conference Paper
2015VAMP2-NRG1 fusion gene is a novel oncogenic driver of non-small-cell lung adenocarcinoma이상혁; 김재상; 정연주Article
1987도시 가정의 가사노동 사회화에 관한 연구정연주Master's Thesis
2013비유를 활용한 중학교 문법 교육의 교수학적 변환 양상 연구정연주Master's Thesis
1990투시적 공간을 통한 기하학적 추상연구정연주Master's Thesis