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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2012A Model for Predicting Learning Flow and Achievement in Corporate e-Learning주영주; 임규연Article
2017An Investigation of the Predictive Power of Technostress Creators in Job Satisfaction and Teacher Efficacy of Primary School Teachers in Korea이민영Master's Thesis
2020Co-regulation in collaborative learning: Grounded in achievement goal theory임규연Article
2015Design, Development, and Evaluation of Mobile Application WikiTalki to Promote English Speaking Skills in Formal High School Context고은혜Master's Thesis
2013Does Digital Handwriting of Instructors Using the iPad Enhance Student Learning?임규연Article
2013Factors affecting teenager cyber delinquency주영주; 임규연Conference Paper
2014Investigating the structural relationship among perceived innovation attributes, intention to use and actual use of mobile learning in an online university in South Korea주영주; 임규연Article
2011Investigating the structural relationships among organisational support, learning flow, learners' satisfaction and learning transfer in corporate e-learning주영주; 임규연Article
2013Locus of control, self-efficacy, and task value as predictors of learning outcome in an online university context주영주; 임규연Article
2020MOOC 학습 맥락에서 자기조절학습전략의 매개효과한가형Master's Thesis
2019MOOC(Massive Open Online Course)에서 자기조절학습 촉진을 위한 대시보드 개발연구은주희Doctoral Thesis
2019Project-based learning in capstone design courses for engineering students: Factors affecting outcomes주영주; 임규연Article
2019Promoting learning in online, ill-structured problem solving: The effects of scaffolding type and metacognition level임규연Article
2015SNS를 활용한 성찰활동에서 동료학습자의 피드백 제공이 학습자의 학업적 자기효능감, 메타인지, 학업성취도에 미치는 영향조경진Master's Thesis
2016The effects of secondary teachers' technostress on the intention to use technology in South Korea주영주; 임규연Article
2013The effects of self-determination on learning outcomes in a blended learning주영주; 임규연Conference Paper
2018The Impact of ICT Use on Digital Literacy Among Middle School Students in GhanaHATO, ANITA EMEFAMaster's Thesis
2018Visual feedback for asynchronous online interaction: Exploratory study on the pattern of other-regulation임규연Conference Paper
2021“We're looking good”: Social exchange and regulation temporality in collaborative design임규연Article
2016국어과 ICT 활용 수업이 쓰기 효능감, 쓰기 메타인지전략, 쓰기 성취도에 미치는 영향전인화Master's Thesis
2018대학생의 협력적 문제해결 경험에 대한 내러티브 탐구정윤주Master's Thesis
2016독서토의 수업에서 질문 생성 전략이 아동의 읽기 동기와 독해력에 미치는 영향김수연Master's Thesis
2018디자인 사고(Design Thinking)를 활용한 문제해결 수업의 설계원리 규명박민정Master's Thesis
2021비교정보를 제공하는 학습자 대시보드에 대한 사용 행동과 인식 분석어정인Master's Thesis
2015사이버대학 교수역량 진단을 통한 교육요구도 탐색안상란Master's Thesis
2016사이버대학 학습자의 디지털 리터러시 역량과 학습성과의 관계에서 학습자 연령의 조절효과 검증곽은지Master's Thesis
2016사이버대학의 수업중심 학습공동체에서 지식공유태도, 자기조절학습능력과 학습성과의 관계곽신정Master's Thesis
2013스마트패드를 활용한 학습에서 인접성 원리가 학업성취와 인지부하에 미치는 영향배지혜Master's Thesis
2014시뮬레이션게임 기반 학습이 학업정서와 학업성취도에 미치는 영향정윤하Master's Thesis
2016영어교재 편집자의 역량모델링정미지Master's Thesis