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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2021A Candidate for Blind Signature in Hash-and-Sign Paradigm이정현Master's Thesis
2015A depth specific description of somewhat homomorphic encryption and its applications이향숙; 임선간Article
2005A group key agreement protocol from pairings이향숙Article
2018A lattice attack on homomorphic NTRU with non-invertible public keys이향숙Conference Paper
2020A Parallelized Lattice Gadget Decomposition Algorithm with Bounded Uniform Distribution전소현Master's Thesis
2004A Public Key Cryptosystem Based on Vector Decomposition Problem李英蘭Doctoral Thesis
2013A Reduction of Discrete Logarithm Problem to Pairing Inversion Problem김은경Master's Thesis
2020A refinement of Müller's cube root algorithm이향숙; 조국화Article
2017A Revision of Quality Estimation of BKZ reduced Bases and Its Applications정세은Master's Thesis
2004A self-pairing map and its applications to cryptography이향숙Article
2011A short and efficient redactable signature based on RSA이향숙; 임선간Article
2005A survey of scalar mutiplications and its implementationEom, Soo KyungMaster's Thesis
2023Adaptively Leakage-Resilient Secret Sharing Scheme with Seedless Non-malleable Extractor이유진Master's Thesis
2018Addition-Subtraction-Multiplication chain for Isogeny-based Cryptography임희진Master's Thesis
2020Algorithms for the Generalized NTRU Equations and their Storage Analysis이향숙; 임선간; 조국화Article
2014An efficient decoding of goppa codes for the mceliece cryptosystem이향숙; 임선간Article
2011An efficient incomparable public key encryption scheme이향숙; 임선간Article
2016An efficient lattice reduction using reuse technique blockwisely on NTRU이향숙; 임선간Article
2015An Improved Attack Algorithm on NTRU Using Modified Reuse Technique정경미Master's Thesis
2020An Instantiation of IND-CCA Secure KEM based on Lattice without Random Oracle김재선Master's Thesis
2009Analysis of the strong instance for the vector decomposition problem이향숙Article
2021Analysis on Yu et al.'s dynamic algorithm for canonic DBC이향숙; 임선간; 엄수경Article
2011Constructing elliptic curves with bilinear groups of composite order안소영Master's Thesis
2012Constructing pairing-friendly curves with variable CM discriminant이향숙; 박철민Article
2016Construction for Families of Pairing-friendly Elliptic Curves이파라Doctoral Thesis
2010Construction of Pairing-friendly Elliptic Curves with fixed or variable CM discriminant조은주Master's Thesis
2016Cryptanalysis of Feistel Block Ciphers, SIMON and SEED using Low Data Attack황서연Master's Thesis
2017Duplication free public keys based on SIS-type problems이향숙; 임선간; 이주희Article
2009Efficient and generalized pairing computation on Abelian varieties이향숙; 박철민Article
2012Efficient computation for optimal pairings over elliptic curves엄수경Doctoral Thesis