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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
20172015 개정 과학과 교육과정과 교수∙학습 자료에 포함된 8가지 과학 실천 분석이정원Master's Thesis
2019A circled Bloom filter for the membership identification of multiple sets임혜숙; 이정원Conference Paper
2017A new Bloom filter structure for identifying true positiveness of a Bloom filter임혜숙; 이정원Conference Paper
2020A Novel Hardware Security Architecture for IoT Device: PD-CRP (PUF Database and Challenge-Response Pair) Bloom Filter on Memristor-Based PUF선우경; 이정원Article
2016Antimicrobial activity of lactobacillus strains against uropathogens이승주; 이정원Article
2019Blood Pressure Reference Values for Normal Weight Korean Children and Adolescents: Data from The Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 1998-2016: The Korean Working Group of Pediatric Hypertension홍영미; 김혜순; 이정원Article
2004Categorizing XML documents based on page styles이정원Article
2004Computing similarity between XML documents for XML mining박승수; 이정원Conference Paper
2018D-dimer as a marker of acute pyelonephritis in infants younger than 24 months with urinary tract infection이정원Article
2005Data cleansing for service-oriented architecture최병주; 이정원Conference Paper
2008Development and Application of Antibodies Specific for PLC-γ1 phosphorylated at Y783이정원Master's Thesis
2019Effects of Prenatal Growth Status on Subsequent Childhood Renal Function Related to High Blood Pressure박은애; 김혜순; 박혜숙; 조수진; 박보현; 이정원Article
2018Efficacy and safety of rituximab in childhood-onset, difficult-to-treat nephrotic syndrome A multicenter open-label trial in Korea이승주; 이정원Article
2004Finding maximal similar paths between XML documents using sequential patterns박승수; 이정원Article
2017High-Speed Name Lookup Algorithms Using Bloom Filter Variants for Named Data Networking이정원Doctoral Thesis
2019Implementation of multi-layer neural network system for neuromorphic hardware architecture신형순; 선우경; 이정원Conference Paper
2021Lower albumin level and longer disease duration are risk factors of acute kidney injury in hospitalized children with nephrotic syndrome이정원Article
2001Preparations for semantics-based XML mining이기호; 이정원Conference Paper
2020Remission of Proteinuria May Protect against Progression to Chronic Kidney Disease in Pediatric-Onset IgA Nephropathy이정원Article
2019The Protective Effect of Exclusive Breastfeeding on Overweight/Obesity in Children with High Birth Weight하은희; 김영주; 김혜순; 이명지; 이정원Article
2017The value of delta neutrophil index in young infants with febrile urinary tract infection이정원Article
2003개념결합의 해석 처리방식에 관한 이해 : 이중과정론과 CARIN이론이정원Master's Thesis
2003고용상 연령차별에 관한 연구이정원Master's Thesis
2011군 복무 부적응 병사들을 위한 희망의 목회적 돌봄에 관한 연구이정원Doctoral Thesis
2003노인의 통합성과 영성을 위한 목회적 돌봄 : 이야기하기를 통하여이정원Master's Thesis
2009대학생의 분리-개별화와 인터넷 중독이정원Master's Thesis
2003마티에르 개념을 도입한 패션일러스트레이션연구이정원Master's Thesis
1998방송언어의 可聞性 연구이정원Master's Thesis
2007북한 소학교 국어교과서에 나타난 정치사상교육 연구이정원Master's Thesis
2011브랜드 네임에 적용된 한글 캘리그라피의 소비자 감성과 선호도에 관한 연구이정원Master's Thesis