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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2014Ahnak functions as a tumor suppressor via modulation of TGFβ/Smad signaling pathway배윤수; 김재상; 이대기; 이인혜Article in Press
2014Ahnak functions as a tumor suppressor via modulation of TGFβ/Smad signaling pathway.배윤수; 김재상; 이대기; 이인혜Article
2018Ahnak promotes tumor metastasis through transforming growth factor-β-mediated epithelial-mesenchymal transition배윤수; 이인혜Article
2008Ahnak protein activates protein kinase C (PKC) through dissociation of the PKC-protein phosphatase 2A complex이서구; 배윤수; 이인혜Article
2004AHNAK-mediated activation of phospholipase C-γ1 through protein kinase C이서구; 배윤수; 이인혜Article
2019Anti-cancer effect of doxorubicin is mediated by downregulation of HMG-Co A reductase via inhibition of EGFR/Src pathway이인혜Article
2019Deacetylation of CHK2 by SIRT1 protects cells from oxidative stress-dependent DNA damage response이인혜Article
2021Depletion of adipocyte becn1 leads to lipodystrophy and metabolic dysregulation이인혜Article
2019Diverse therapeutic efficacies and more diverse mechanisms of nicotinamide이인혜Review
2020Ginsenoside Rp1, A Ginsenoside Derivative, Augments Anti-Cancer Effects of Actinomycin D via Downregulation of an AKT-SIRT1 Pathway이인혜Article
2002Identification of domains directing specificity of coupling to G-proteins for the melanocortin MC3 and MC4 receptors배윤수; 이인혜Article
2020Identification of new therapeutic candidates and evaluation of the anticancer efficacy of novel therapeutics for inhibiting ovarian cancer progression김현정Doctoral Thesis
2019Mechanisms and disease implications of sirtuin-mediated autophagic regulation이인혜Review
2013Metabolic regulation of the cell cycle이인혜Review
2020SIRT1 modulates cell cycle progression by regulating CHK2 acetylation-phosphorylation이인혜Article
2019Study of the anti-cancer effect and mechanism of NF-κB inhibitor, Bay11-7082김선영Master's Thesis
2004The Dual function of AHNAK in cell proliferation이인혜Doctoral Thesis
2020고유색의 변환과 특유한 감성이인혜Master's Thesis
2010국가원수에 대한 국제형사재판소의 관할권 행사 가능성 연구이인혜Master's Thesis
2019국제법상 식량권 보장에 관한 연구이인혜Doctoral Thesis
2002이진정수계획법에 의한 시스템개발 프로젝트 인력운영 계획에 관한 연구이인혜Master's Thesis
2021일반적 문제해결 전략에 대한 동영상 학습 상황에서 시각적 단서와 사전지식 수준이 인지부하에 미치는 영향이인혜Master's Thesis
2021장애인복지관 내 심리 정서 지원을 위한 장애아동 부모교육 음악 프로그램 개발이인혜Master's Thesis