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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2018A comparative study of transfer learning-based methods for inspection of mobile camera modules김정태Article
2007A novel line detection method using gradient direction based Hough transform김정태Article
2014Alternating minimization of the negative Poisson likelihood function for the global analysis of fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy data김정태Article
2012An automatic dynamic range enhancing method for multiple images considering hardware efficiency차수람Master's Thesis
2012An efficient particle size distribution estimation method for dynamic light scattering system using modified penalized least squares안소현Master's Thesis
2014Analysis on the performance of image formation methods for Fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy석지영Master's Thesis
2023Attention−based Twin Network System for Detecting Changed Areas최은정Doctoral Thesis
2009Blind deconvolution of bi-level images based on high order statistics장수현Master's Thesis
2020Deep Learning and Knowledge Distillation based Flare Detection for Camera Module Inspection김경실Master's Thesis
2020Deep Learning Based Defect Inspection Using the Intersection Over Minimum Between Search and Abnormal Regions김정태Article
2020Deep Learning based People Counting using Heatmap Images generated from Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave Radars박지민Master's Thesis
2015Depth based interpolation of light field data for reducing directional aliasing effects in refocused image양서희Master's Thesis
2011Depth variant generalized expectation maximization algorithm for 3-D fluorescence microscopy김보영Master's Thesis
2016Depth-based refocusing for reducing directional aliasing artifacts김정태Article
2013Depth-variant deconvolution of 3D widefield fluorescence microscopy using the penalized maximum likelihood estimation method김정태Article
2007Detection of junctions via accumulation of connectivity-based weight in image space: Applications for locating 2D barcode김정태Article
2014Efficient enhancement methods for images acquired under poor illumination정지혜Master's Thesis
2016Estimation of depth information from 4D light field data using separable objective function with color information and multi-resolution approach한미선Master's Thesis
2013Estimation of particle size distribution using photon autocorrelation function from dynamic light scattering considering unknown baseline이민영; 김정태Article
2017Fast computation of projection image based on the repeated patterns of intersection between ray and voxel김정태Article
2012Fast correction of nonuniform illumination on bi-level images using block based intensity normalization김정태Article
2017GPU 기반 고속 병렬 CT 영상 복원 기법 연구이현정Master's Thesis
2008Gradient-based fast connectivity weighted Hough transform김정태Article
2010High order statistics based blind deconvolution of bi-level images with unknown intensity values김정태Article
2019Image Reconstruction of Moving Objects Using Multiple IR-UWB Radar Signals김정태Article
2023Integration of Object Detection and Pixel-wise Segmentation for OLED Panel Inspection백지원Master's Thesis
2004Intensity-Based Image Registration Using Robust Correlation Coefficients김정태Article
2020IR-UWB 레이더 신호와 기계학습을 이용한 호흡 기반의 인원 계수 시스템이효림Master's Thesis
2019Joint Banknote Recognition and Counterfeit Detection Using Explainable Artificial Intelligence김정태Article
2007Joint nonuniform illumination estimation and deblurring for bar code signals김정태Article