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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
20101-D, 2-D and 3-D coordination polymers assembled from polynuclear Co II units based on the isophthalate(-2) ligand김성진; 김영미Article
20232D Nanohybrid Materials with Flame Retarding Property이지희Doctoral Thesis
20053,5,3 ',5 '-Tetramethyl-N,N '-bis(salicylidene)-biphenyl-4,4 '-diamine김성진; 김영미Article
20064,6,12,14-tetra-ferf-butyl-17-N-(6-methyl-pyridin-2-yl)-8, 16-dioxa-17-azatetracyclo['7.010'15]heptadeca-2,4, 6,10,12,14-hexaene methanol solvate김성진; 김영미Article
2019A Facile Synthesis of MoS2/g-C3N4 Composite as an Anode Material with Improved Lithium Storage Capacity김성진Article
2018A Facile Synthesis of WS2/g-C3N4 Composites with Improved Photocatalytic Activity김성진Article
2007A family of octahedral rhenium cluster complexes [Re6Q 8(H2O)n(OH)6-n]n-4 (Q = S, Se; n = 0-6): Structural and pH-dependent spectroscopic studies김성진Article
2001A ferric-cyanide-bridged one-dimensional dirhodium complex with (18-crown-6)potassium cations김성진; 남원우; 김영미Article
2015A fluorescence sensor for Zn2+ that also acts as a visible sensor for Co2+ and Cu2+김성진; 김영미Article
2022A highly efficient and transparent luminescent solar concentrator based on a nanosized metal cluster luminophore anchored on polymers김성진; 김동하; 김경곤Article
2021A Highly Efficient Luminescent Solar Concentrator Based on a Nanosized Metal Cluster-Anchored Hybrid PolymerNGUYEN THI XUAN DIEUMaster's Thesis
2007A highly efficient non-heme manganese complex in oxygenation reactions김성진; 남원우; 김영미; 김진흥; 서미숙Article
2014A magnesiothermic route to multicomponent nanocomposites of FeSi 2@Si@graphene and FeSi2@Si with promising anode performance김성진; 황성주Article
2010A naked-eye detection of fluoride with urea/thiourea receptors which have both a benzophenone group and a nitrophenyl group as a signalling group김성진; 김영미Article
2007A new BODIPY derivative bearing piperazine group김성진; 윤주영Article
2006A new Co(II) complex with N,O-donor Schiff base: Synthesis, structure and characterization김성진Article
2006A new fluorescein derivative bearing a boronic acid group as a fluorescent chemosensor for fluoride ion김성진; 김영미; 윤주영; K.M.K.SwamyArticle
2010A new hexanuclear rhenium cluster complex with six terminal acetate ligands: Synthesis, structure, and properties of K4Re 6S8(CH3COO)6 · H2O김성진Article
2014A new multifunctional Schiff base as a fluorescence sensor for Al 3+ and a colorimetric sensor for CN- in aqueous media: An application to bioimaging김성진; 김영미Article
2007A new organic-inorganic hybrid framework containing octahedral hexarhenium cluster and its transformation by ligand exchange김성진; 김영미Article
2008A new route for obtaining Prussian blue nanoparticles김성진; 김영미; Vo VienArticle
2007A new self-assembled inorganic-organic hybrid layered compound containing hexarhenium cluster: [MV][{Mn(CH3OH)2}{Re6Se8(CN)6}]김성진; 이민영; 김영미Article
2011A novel supermolecular tetrameric vanadate-selective colorimetric and "off-On" sensor with pyrene ligand김성진; 김영미; 윤주영Article
2011A pellet-type optical nanomaterial of silica-based naphthalimide-DPA-Cu(ii) complexes: Recyclable fluorescence detection of pyrophosphate김성진; 김영미Article
2008A Raman spectroscopy study of disorder and local vibrational modes in La0.7Sr0.3Mn1-xMxO3 (M=Fe, co)김성진; 양인상Article; Proceedings Paper
2010A selenolactone-based fluorescent chemodosimeter to monitor mecury/methylmercury species in vitro and in vivo김성진; 김영미; 윤주영Article
2008A series of three-dimensional coordination polymers with general formula [{Ln(H2O)n}{Re6Te8(CN)6}] · xH2O (Ln = Eu, Gd, Tb, Dy, Ho, Er, Tm, Yb; n = 3, 4, x = 0, 2.5)김성진Article
2010A simple and quick chemical synthesis of nanostructured Bi 2Te3, Sb2Te3, and BixSb 2-xTe3김성진; 한미경Article
2013A single molecule that acts as a fluorescence sensor for zinc and cadmium and a colorimetric sensor for cobalt김성진; 김영미Article
2017A synergistic effect of metal iodide doping on the thermoelectric properties of Bi2Te3김성진; 한미경Article