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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2015A Religious Approach to the Zhongyong: With a Focus on Western Translators and Korean Confucians김선희Article
2018Advanced Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Studies of a Ternary Complex of Copper, Amyloid-beta, and a Chemical Regulator김선희Article
2022Advanced EPR Spectroscopic Studies of High-valent Metal-oxo Species김유정Doctoral Thesis
2021An Isolable Mononuclear Palladium(I) Amido Complex김선희Article
2020Atomic-scale evidence for highly selective electrocatalytic N-N coupling on metallic MoS2김선희Article
2002Bluetooth Baseband Processor의 하드웨어 설계김선희Master's Thesis
1991Coffee-set 디자인에 관한 연구김선희Master's Thesis
2016Design Methods to Increase the Longevity of Implantable Devices김선희Doctoral Thesis
2011Design, Implementation, Simulation, and Visualization of a Highly Efficient RIM Microfluidic Mixer for Rapid Freeze-Quench of Biological Samples김선희Article
2022Electron paramagnetic resonance studies on elucidating reaction mechanism of bio(mimetics) catalysts홍수경Doctoral Thesis
2020Enhanced Redox Reactivity of a Nonheme Iron(V)-Oxo Complex Binding Proton남원우; Shunichi Fukuzumi; 김선희; 서미숙; 김원석Article
2021EPR spectroscopy elucidates the electronic structure of [Fe-V(O)(TAML)] complexes남원우; 이용민; 김선희Article
2021EPR-derived structures of flavin radical and iron-sulfur clusters from: Methylosinus sporium 5 reductase김선희Article
2022Facile synthetic method for peptoids bearing multiple azoles on side chains김선희Article
2016Johannes Brahms Viola Sonata No.2 in E♭Major, Op. 120에 관한 연구김선희Master's Thesis
2017Mechanistic Insights into Tunable Metal-Mediated Hydrolysis of Amyloid-beta Peptides김선희Article
2003Neural Fuzzy System을 이용한 부도예측모형의 연구 : ANFIS 알고리즘의 적용을 중심으로김선희Master's Thesis
2020Probing the Structure and Binding Mode of EDTA on the Surface of Mn3O4 Nanoparticles for Water Oxidation by Advanced Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy김선희Article
2022Regulation of the electrocatalytic nitrogen cycle based on sequential proton-electron transfer김선희Article
2022Repurposing a peptide antibiotic as a catalyst: a multicopper-daptomycin complex as a cooperative O-O bond formation and activation catalyst김선희Article
2003@RISK를 통한 위해도 평가김선희Master's Thesis
2013SPA 브랜드의 지속가능경영 활동 적합성이 구매의도에 미치는 영향이지민Master's Thesis
2017Stereochemistry of metal tetramethylcyclam complexes directed by an unexpected anion effect김선희Article
2018Structural and Kinetic Studies of MMOR in sMMO Studied by EPR Spectroscopy정한솔Master's Thesis
2016The unusual hydridicity of a cobalt bound Si-H moiety김선희Article
1999Variations in concentration and isotopic ratio of atmospheric carbon dioxide in northwestern part of Seoul김선희Master's Thesis
1987교육과정 변천에 따른 중학교 수학과 교과서 변천에 관한 연구김선희Master's Thesis
2013구개열자 과대비성 청지각적 평가 프로파일 개발 및 판단 특성 연구김선희Doctoral Thesis
2012기업 구성원들의 멘토링 프로그램 참여여부에 따른 팀의 지원, 조직 커뮤니케이션 조직몰입, 직무만족의 영향력 차이 규명김선희Master's Thesis