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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2016A legal analysis of the precedents of medical disputes in the cosmetic surgery field강소라; 김민지; 박보영; 홍승은Article
2017A smartphone application to educate undergraduate nursing students about providing care for infant airway obstruction강소라Article
2016Analysis of Malpractice Claims Associated with Surgical Site Infection in the Field of Plastic Surgery강소라; 박보영; 홍승은Article
2017Analysis of the legal effect of settlement agreements prepared in medical litigation following plastic surgery in Korea강소라; 박보영Article
2018Asymptomatic Deep Vein Thrombosis during Free Flap: Concerns in Free Flap Surgery강소라; 박보영Article
2004Balanced angular profile analysis박흥식; 강소라Article
2018Comparison of human umbilical cord blood-derived mesenchymal stem cells with healthy fibroblasts on wound-healing activity of diabetic fibroblasts강소라Article
2014Corrective Epicanthoplasty in patients with unnatural results of prior epicanthoplasty: Rearrangement of the orbicularis oculi muscle above the medial canthal tendon김양우; 강소라Article
2017Development and Preliminary Testing of a Smartphone-Based Injury-Prevention Application (S-IPA) for Teachers at Child-Care Centers in South Korea강소라Article
2018Development of a sexual abuse prevention education program for elementary school students using a hybrid application강소라Article
2017Effect of Human Placental Extract on Random-Pattern Flap Survival in Rats홍승은Doctoral Thesis
2019Effect of Human Placental Extract Treatment on Random-Pattern Skin Flap Survival in Rats강소라; 박보영Article
2016Effect of Human Umbilical Cord Blood-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells on Proliferation and Matrix Synthesis of Diabetic Fibroblasts in Vitro정재아Doctoral Thesis
2022Effects of Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Education Program Using Hybrid Application (CSAPE-H) on Fifth-Grade Students in South Korea강소라Article
2016Effects of neodymium-yttrium-aluminum garnet (Nd:YAG) pulsed high-intensity laser therapy on full thickness wound healing in an experimental animal model강소라; 박보영; 홍승은Article
2013Effects of the diabetic condition on grafted fat survival정재아Master's Thesis
2014Effects of the diabetic condition on grafted fat survival: An experimental study using streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats강소라Article
2018Effects of Transfusion on Free Flap Survival: Searching for an Optimal Hemoglobin Threshold for Transfusion강소라; 박보영; 우경제Article; Proceedings Paper
2003Endoscopically assisted malarplasty: One incision and two dissection planes김양우; 강소라Article
1996Flow-through 정맥피판과 동맥화된 정맥피판의 생존에 고압산소치료가 미치는 영향에 관한 연구강소라Master's Thesis
2004Harmonized profiloplasty using balanced angular profile analysis박흥식; 강소라; 이지혁Article
2016Informed consent as a litigation strategy in the field of aesthetic surgery: An analysis based on court precedents강소라; 박보영; 홍승은Article
2018Is the “ghost surgery” the subject of legal punishment in Korea?강소라; 박보영; 우경제; 홍승은Article
2003Knowledge transfer for me and us theory강소라Doctoral Thesis
2016Legal issues related to postoperative pulmonary thromboembolism in Korea강소라; 김민지; 박보영; 홍승은Article
2010Paragonimus westermani found in the tip of a little finger성순희; 장중현; 강소라; 이진화; 양현종Article
2013Reconstruction of unexpected huge chest wall defect after recurrent breast cancer excision using a TRAM flap combined with partial latissimus dorsi muscle flap김양우; 강소라Note
2021Research Trends of Follow-Up Care after Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Graduation for Children Born Preterm: A Scoping Review강소라Review
2013Restoration of the medial epicanthal fold: Reverse skin redraping method in patients unsatisfied with epicanthoplasty김양우; 강소라Conference Paper
2015Rice body tenosynovitis without tuberculosis infection after multiple acupuncture procedures in a hand서현숙; 강소라; 박보영; 홍승은Note