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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2005A case of a symplastic glomus tumor함정희; 황규광Article
1997A case of acute generalized exanthematous pustulosis함정희; 박혜진Article
1999A case of allergic contact dermatitis due to lanolin함정희; 김현주Article
2007A case of clear cell basal cell carcinoma함정희; 황규광Article
2007A case of neurotized nevus with sclerotic fibroma-like change함정희Article
2002A case of pilomatrix carcinoma함정희Article
2006A case of reticulate pigmented anomaly of the flexures (Dowling-Degos disease)함정희; 황규광Article
1999A case of tufted angioma showing a good response to interferon-α함정희; 강형철; 이미애Article
1995A clinical study and acyclovir therapy of herpes zoster함정희Article
2007A comparison of ALA-IPL photodynamic therapy and acne mode IPL phototherapy in the treatment of acne vulgaris함정희; 황규광Article
2005A review of Mohs micrographic surgery and reconstruction of cutaneous malignant tumors over the past 10 years함정희; 황규광Review
1999Clinical and histopathological characteristics of basal cell carcinoma in Korean patients함정희Article
1992Flashlamp-pumped pulsed dye laser(SPTL-1)로 치료한 화염상 모반의 조직학적 변화에 관한 연구김정원Master's Thesis
2005Fragrance contact dermatitis in Korea: a joint study함정희Article
2000Keratoacanthoma and PUVA keratoses in a vitiligo patient following oral psoralen photochemotherapy (PUVA)함정희Article
2001Multicenter study of the frequency of contact allergy to gold함정희Article
1999Perifollicular fibroma함정희Article
1995UVA blocking effect of epidermal melanin in patients with vitiligo함정희; 강형철Article
2000기저세포암에서 p53과 bax 유전자의 돌연변이, 염색체의 이형접합성 상실, p53과 bcl-2 단백 발현및 세포고사 분석조소연Doctoral Thesis
1994백납환자에서 표피멜라닌의 자외선 A 차단효과에 관한 연구이하린Master's Thesis
1993피부 각질층의 보습기능에 관한 연구강호정Master's Thesis
1994피부 색소침착병변에 대한 색소레이저(PLTL-1)의 치료효과이주은Master's Thesis