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Clinical and histopathological characteristics of basal cell carcinoma in Korean patients

Clinical and histopathological characteristics of basal cell carcinoma in Korean patients
Cho S.Kim M.-H.Whang K.-K.Hahm J.-H.
Ewha Authors
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Journal of Dermatology
0385-2407JCR Link
Journal of Dermatology vol. 26, no. 8, pp. 494 - 501
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Seventy-eight Korean patients with basal cell carcinoma (BCC) between 1984 and 1998 were retrospectively examined at Ewha Womans University Tongdaemun Hospital, Seoul, Korea. We analyzed the annual incidence, age and sex distribution, site of the lesions, clinical appearance, including the proportion of clinically pigmented tumors, modalities of treatment, incidence of recurrence and metastasis of the tumors, the histopathological patterns, and whether solar elastosis, microscopic pigmentation, or adamantinoid feature were associated. The male-to-female ratio was 0.902, and the average age of the patients at first examination was 58.2 years. Eighty percent of the tumors occurred on the head and neck, most commonly on the nose (26.9%), followed by the cheek, eyelid, and upper lip. Ulcerated nodules were the most common clinical presentation. Clinically, 55% of the tumors were pigmented. Six tumors recurred; none metastasized. Surgical excision was the most common modality of treatment. The most frequent histopathological pattern was the solid type (60.3%), followed by the superficial (11.5%) and fibrosing (9.0%) types. The occurrence of the superficial type was significantly associated with truncal lesions (p<0.001). Solar elastosis was present in 62.1% of the tumors on the head and neck, compared with 8.3% in those of the trunk and limbs (p<0.001), indicating the significance of sun exposure in the pathogenesis of BCC on exposed areas. Microscopic pigmentation was seen in 69.2% of the tumors. The focal adamantinoid feature was found in 14.1%, which is much higher than the previously reported incidence.
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