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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2007Lack of field-based recruitment to carbohydrate food in the Korean yellowjacket, Vespula koreensis최재천Article
2009Lifetime calling patterns and tactics in the field cricket Teleogryllus emma (Orthoptera: Gryllidae)장수진Master's Thesis
2012Low resolution of mitochondrial COI barcodes for identifying species of the genus Larus (Charadriiformes: Laridae)최재천Article
2017Microbial abundance on the eggs of a passerine bird and related fitness consequences between urban and rural habitats최재천Article
2016Multiple structural colors of the plumage reflect age, sex, and territory ownership in the Eurasian Magpie Pica pica최재천Article
2013Nest defence behaviour of the Black-billed Magpie Pica pica임수정Master's Thesis
2011Non-parental infanticide in a dense population of the Black-billed Magpie (Pica pica)최재천Article
2017Not all crabs are created equal: diverse evolutionary paths of female preferences for courtship structures in fiddler crabs (genus Uca)최재천Article
2013Nutrient composition of the diet of Javan Gibbons (Hylobates moloch)Oktaviani, RahayuMaster's Thesis
2015Orangutans (Pongo spp.) do not spontaneously share benefits with familiar conspecifics in a choice paradigm최재천Article
2010Parental provisioning in response to natural variation of brood size in the black-billed magpie (pica pica): Video analysis of behaviors in the nests최재천Article
2010perspectives on the new national ecological institute in South Korea최재천Note
2014Population structure and microbiota of Vollenhovia emeryi Wheeler (Hymenoptera: Myrmicinae)노푸름Master's Thesis
2020"Human status criteria: Sex differences and similarities across 14 nations": Correction to Buss et al. (2020)최재천Article
2006Reproductive character displacement in a wood cricket Gryllus fultoni (Gryllidae : Orthoptera)최재천; 장이권Meeting Abstract
2012Responses of Javan Gibbon (Hylobates moloch) Groups in Submontane Forest to Monthly Variation in Food Availability: Evidence for Variation on a Fine Spatial Scale최재천Article
2007Sex preferences in Jeju pony foals (Equus caballus) for mutual grooming and play-fighting behaviors최재천Article
2010Sexual dimorphism in head horns in Loxoblemmus doenitzi김호경Master's Thesis
2011Sexually dimorphic male horns and their use in agonistic behaviors in the horn-headed cricket Loxoblemmus doenitzi (Orthoptera: Gryllidae)최재천; 장이권Article
2011Social Organization and Behavioural Patterns of a Neutered Feral Cat Colony in an Urban Environment(Felis catus)전진경Master's Thesis
2016Song Functions in Nonduetting Gibbons: Evidence from Playback Experiments on Javan Gibbons (Hylobates moloch)최재천Article
2016Song Functions in Nonduetting Javan Gibbons (Hylobates moloch)함수정Doctoral Thesis
2012Temporal polyethism in korean yellowjacket foragers, vespula koreensis (Hymenoptera, Vespidae)최재천Article
2013The aphid Ceratovacuna nekoashi (Hemiptera: Aphididae: Hormaphidinae) and its allied species in Korea, Japan and Taiwan최재천Article
2012The effects of food supplementation on the breeding of the Black-billed Magpie (Pica pica)배미례Master's Thesis
2012The effects of local weather condition on offspring sex ratio of the Black-billed Magpie (Pica pica)이윤숙Master's Thesis
2009The effects of temperature on the geographical distribution of Uroctea lesserti (Araneae : Oecobiidae) in Korea박소연Master's Thesis
2009The effects of wind on the structure, shape and orientation of nests in Korean black-billed magpie (Pica pica sericea)권은비Master's Thesis
2014The evolution of plumage colors in Corvidae김미선Master's Thesis
2009The strength of a female mate preference increases with predation risk최재천Article