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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2006S-Allyl-l-cysteine attenuates cerebral ischemic injury by scavenging peroxynitrite and inhibiting the activity of extracellular signal-regulated kinase김원기; 장남수Article
2011Secondhand smoke exposure during pregnancy and infantile neurodevelopment하은희; 장남수; 김영주; 박혜숙Article
2007Short-term hyperhomocysteinemia-induced oxidative stress activates retinal glial cells and increases vascular endothelial growth factor expression in rat retina장남수; 이화영Article
2006Structure-activity relationship of neuroprotective and reactive oxygen species scavenging activities for allium organosulfur compounds김원기; 장남수Article
2001Study of the relation between proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy metabolites in the brain regions and the b vitamin status in alcoholics장남수Article
2008The association of maternal food intake and blood lead levels in pregnant and their newborns하은희; 장남수; 박혜숙; 김기남; 김혜숙Article
2013The effect of dietary folate level and pregnancy on the hippocampus folate content, plasma homocysteine level and cognitive function in the female rat임은미Master's Thesis
2011The effect of eating behavior on being overweight or obese during preadolescence하은희; 장남수; 박혜숙; 홍영선Article
2009The Effect of Maternal Residential Factors of Indoor PM Exposure on Pregnancy Outcome: MOthers and Children's Environmental Health (MOCEH)하은희; 장남수; 김영주; 박혜숙; 이보은; 김병미Meeting Abstract
2012The effect of paternal folate status on folate metabolism and development in pre- and postnatal rat brain김혜원Doctoral Thesis
2011The Effect of Prenatal PM10 Exposure on Fetal Growth in the Mothers and Children's Environmental Health장남수; 김영주; 박혜숙; 이보은; 김병미Meeting Abstract
2012The effects of the interaction between adiponectin genotype and dietary folate, vitamin B6 and vitamin E on serum TNF-alpha level in the patients with type 2 diabetes장남수; 김혜숙Meeting Abstract
2011The molar ratio of phytate:zinc is negatively associated with birth weight: MOCEH study하은희; 장남수; 박혜숙; 황지윤Meeting Abstract
2009The Mothers and Children's Environmental Health (MOCEH) study하은희; 장남수; 김영주; 박혜숙; 김병미Article
2009The Relationship among Maternal Fish Consumption, Mercury Level, and Health Effects from Fetus to Infant Using a Structural Equation Model: Mothers and Children's Environmental Health (MOCEH)하은희; 장남수; 김영주; 박혜숙; 이보은; 김병미Meeting Abstract
2004The risk of folate and vitamin B12 deficiencies associated with hyperhomocysteinemia among pregnant women장남수; 김영주; 박혜숙Article
2014Total antioxidant capacity of the Korean diet장남수; 김유리Article
2010Vegetables, but Not pickled vegetables, are negatively associated with the risk of breast cancer장남수Article
2012베트남 여성의 고중성지방혈증과 식품 및 영양소의 섭취와의 관련성김정기Master's Thesis
2010영양교육 및 운동중재가 비만여성의 영양소섭취상태, 체성분, 혈청지질 및 기초체력에 미치는 영향이희승Master's Thesis
2012유방암 환자들의 영양상태 평가 및 식품섭취빈도 분석에 관한 연구박기순Master's Thesis
2011인지장애 노인들의 인지기능과 식품섭취 상태 및 혈중 호모시스테인, 엽산, 비타민 B_(12) 수준과의 상관관계 연구김희정Master's Thesis
2003지구력 훈련이 비타민 영양상태와 혈중 TBARS 농도 및 호모시스테인 수준에 미치는 영향강해선Master's Thesis
2009체중관리 영양교육 프로그램이 여대생의 식습관, 신체성분, 혈중지질에 미치는 영향윤희경Master's Thesis
2016췌십이지장절제술 환자의 식사섭취 및 영양상태 평가강지민Master's Thesis
2009폐경 및 호르몬수용체 발현 여부에 따른 유방암 환자의 채소, 과일 및 비타민 섭취수준 분석유혜진Master's Thesis
2012한국 다낭난소증후군 환자의 우울증과 식품 및 영양소 섭취, 식습관과의 관련성김승현Master's Thesis
2017한국인 임신부의 지방산 섭취량과 임신결과에 관한 연구이은정Doctoral Thesis
2016한국인 제 2형 당뇨병 여성의 플라보노이드 섭취와 심혈관 질환 위험인자와의 관련성오지수Doctoral Thesis