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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2018A CMOS Low Dropout Regulator with Symmetric Self-biased Voltage Reference박민선Master's Thesis
2020A CMOS Read-Out IC for Cyanobacteria Detection With 40 nA(pp) Sensitivity and 45-dB Dynamic Range박성민; 김지훈Article
2018A CMOS symmetric self-biased voltage reference박성민Article
2013A current-mode CMOS dual-channel 3.5-Gb/s/ch optical receiver array박성민Conference Paper
2016A dual-channel CMOS transimpedance amplifier array with automatic gain control for unmanned vehicle LADARs박성민Article
2020A Dual-feedback Folded-cascode Fully Differential Transimpedance Amplifier in 65-nm CMOS박성민Article
2018A Linear-Mode LiDAR Sensor Using a Multi-Channel CMOS Transimpedance Amplifier Array박성민; 김지훈Article
2012A low-power gigabit CMOS limiting amplifier using negative impedance compensation and its application박성민Article
2011A low-power wideband transimpedance amplifier in 0.13μm CMOS박성민Conference Paper
2020A Mirrored Current-conveyor Transimpedance Amplifier in 65-nm CMOS박성민Article
2019A Modified 2-D Vernier Time-to-digital Converter Using Resettable T-latch박성민; 김지훈Article
2015A multi-channel CMOS feedforward transimpedance amplifier array for LADAR systems박성민Article
2014A multi-channel current-mode cmos optical receiver array for active optical HDMI cables박성민Letter
2020A switchable dual-mode fully-differential common-source low-noise amplifier in 0.18-mu m CMOS technology박성민Article
2018A Wide-gain-range Intermediate Frequency Integrated Circuit for a Superheterodyne Receiver박성민Article
2010An 8.5-Gb/s fully integrated CMOS optoelectronic receiver using slope-detection adaptive equalizer박성민Conference Paper
2004An efficient built-in self-test algorithm for neighborhood pattern- and bit-line-sensitive faults in high-density memories박성민Conference Paper
2020Bootstrapped Fully Differential CMOS Transimpedance Amplifier박성민; 김지훈Article
2005Circuits for high-speed links and clock generators박성민Editorial
2020CMOS Current-Conveyor Transimpedance Amplifiers for LiDAR Applications윤다슬Master's Thesis
2010CMOS Optical Circuit Designs for High-Speed Digital Interface윤지숙Master's Thesis
2020Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Symmetric Current-Conveyor Transimpedance Amplifier박성민; 김지훈Article
2008Current-Mode Gigabit Optical Receivers in Submicron CMOS Technologies박성민Conference Paper
2004Design of A 2.5 Gbps CMOS trans-impedance amplifier (TIA) for optical communication박성민Conference Paper
2014Dual-mode CMOS feed-forward transimpedance amplifier for LADARs박성민Article
2018Estrogen reinforces barrier formation and protects against tumor necrosis factor alpha-induced barrier dysfunction in oral epithelial cells박성민Article
2005Four-channel cmos photoreceiver array for parallel optical interconnects박성민Conference Paper
2004Four-channel SiGe transimpedance amplifier array for parallel optical interconnects박성민Conference Paper
2020Fully Differential CMOS Transimpedance Amplifiers for LiDAR Applications박윤지Master's Thesis
2010Gigabit CMOS current-mode optical receivers for high-speed digital interface applications박성민Conference Paper