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特殊高等學敎 學生의 餘暇活用에 關한 調査硏究

特殊高等學敎 學生의 餘暇活用에 關한 調査硏究
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(A) Study on Utilization of Leisure Hours by Special High School Students : Based on the Activities of Seoul Physical Education High School Students
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교육대학원 체육교육전공
특수고등학교여가활용Leisure Hours
이화여자대학교 교육대학원
오늘날 近代化의 영향, 즉 機械文明의 發達로 인한 컴퓨터 (computer), 오오토메이션(automation), 메스커뮤니케이션(mass communication)등의 확장은 단적으로 人間의 物質的 풍요와 함께 勞動力을 大量으로 절약하는 結果를 초래하였고 이로 인해 날로 증가하고 있는 餘暇時間은 그 어느때 보다도 社會問題로 대두되고 있으며, 이 問題는 餘暇活動에 새로운 計劃과 방향제시가 要求되고 있는 것이다. 그래서 모든 사람들의 生活樣式과 思考構造에도 많은 變化가 두드러지게 나타나게 되었는데 그 여러가지 事項中에서도 특별히 注目의 대상으로 된다고 생각되는 것은 時間使用의 類型變化에 關한 意識과 行爲에 관한 問題들이라고 하지 않을 수 없다. 어느 社會를 막론하고 社會의 暴力非行등은 餘暇에 수반되는 것이므로 餘暇를 잘 利用하지 못하면 그 社會는 墮落과 腐敗를 가져올 危險性이 있는 것이다. 그러기에 오늘날 모든 國家가 餘暇問題에 一大關心을 傾注하고 있으며, 특히 敎育目標의 하나로 설정하고 人間의 基本的 欲求를 充足시킴으로써 社會福祉向上을 도모하고 있다. 따라서, 餘暇와 그 活動內容과의 연관속에서 광범위하게 硏究될 必要性과 重要性을 認識하고 一般 國民과 大學生, 中·高等學生등을 對象으로 하는 餘暇時間과 餘暇活動에 關한 論文이 여러차례 發表된 바 있다. 그러나 一般學生들과는 달리 정과수업시간외에 각종 운동 종목에 따라 고된 훈련과 규칙적인 생활등 특수성을 지닌 體育高等學校 學生들을 對象으로 그들의 餘暇意識과 餘暇活動 內容을 파악 分析하여 餘暇의 價値觀을 確立하고 餘暇를 建設的이며 創造的 活動으로 승화시켜 全人的 人間育成에 다소의 도움이 되고자 한다.;A. Conclusion Upon research and analysts on the responses concerning leisure hour activities of physical Education high School students, the following outcomes were obtained. 1) As regards to the experience of receiving leisure education, it was revealed that 48.87% of students responded "yes" and 46.15% of them answered "no" showing a similar rate. 2) As to the necessity of leisure education, it was disclosed that the response with "it is necessary" was 83.25% and "not necessary" by 6.79%, and that students recognized the necessity of leisure education. It was further revealed that the reasons for the necessity of leisure education was "in order to take a rest and to maintain a good health" by 43.89% and "to enjoy leisure hours" by 28.96%. 3) In utilization of leisure hours, it was indicated that the response of "utilizing a little" had 53.3%, "utilizing sufficiently" by 26.67% and "not utilizing" had 6.67%. 4) For the degree of contents with leisure activities, it was revealed that the response of "generally good" had 52.04%, "much contented" by 11.76% and "not contented" by 31.22%. 5) For the activities from after breakfast to before lesson hour, it was indicated. that "preparation of lesson" gained 23.53%, "Arrangement of things" by 19.9%, "chatting with friends" by 12.67%, "listening to radio and music" by 12.22% and "rest" by 8.6% etc. 6) For the activities from after the lunch to before the major subject lesson, it was shown that the response of "Rest and thinking" gained 21.27%, "chatting with friends" by 20.81%, "listening to radio and music" by 16.74% and "Take a walk in the school" had 14.93% showing a similar rates. 7) As regards to the free hour activities after the school, it was disclosed that the response with "listening to radio and music" gained 22.62%, "chatting with friends" by 21.72% showing a similar rate, "rest and thinking" by 11.31% and "reading newspaper, story books and magazines" by 6.79%. 8) It was Indicated that the places for leisure activity after the school were "class room" by 70.14%, the highest rate, "play ground" by 11.31%, "resting room" by 5.43%. 9) For the leisure activities during the week end, it was revealed that "Watching T.V." and "house-keeping, home work, washing clothings" were 19% and 18.55% respectively showing a similar rates, "watching movie, arts display" and "entering a private amusement room" were 12.22% and 11.31% (for the persons staying out away from dormitory), and "book reading" had 25.81% "home work, washing clothings" by 21.51% and "watching T.V" by 9.68% for those staying in the dormitory. 10) For the Leisure activity status during vacation, it was revealed that "physical activity" had 35.29%, "emotional and literature activity" by 26.70%, "social activity" by 18.85%, the lowest rate. 11) It was indicated that the elements of obstacle in the leisure activity were "lack of spare time" by 57.92%, the highest rate, "lack of activity outfits" by 13.12%, "lack of methods and basic knowledge" by 10.85% etc. B. Suggestion In order to utilize the leisure education and activity of Physical Education High School students more effectively and creatively through the above conclusion, the fellowing suggestions are offered. 1) The necessity and importance on leisure education should be recognized by the students, and the leisure education in the normal education course has to be systematically reflected and strengthened. 2) It is necessary to foster the methods, attitude and the habit so as to utilize the leisure hours constructively and creatively. 3) Various recreation facilities and programs should be prepared for the active and effective utilization of the leisure hours. 4) Because students perform fierce physical activities during sports hours (the major selective curriculum) in addition to the ordinary lesson hours, it is required to set up recreational programs and to develop a lane for walk or path up a mountain for the purification of the emotions. If the leisure education and Its effective utilization are carried out in consideration with the above suggestions, the conceousness and sense of value for the leisure education will be established, and, thus, more effective and valuable school life can be obtained. The leisure education will take an important role in fostering a complete human-being.
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