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지방함량에 따르는 흰쥐의 체내대사 연구

지방함량에 따르는 흰쥐의 체내대사 연구
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A Study of Metabolic Effect in High and Low Fat Diet on Albino Rat
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대학원 식품영양학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
The present study was undertaken to determine the metabolic effect of various levels of fat in the diet. Fourty males and the same number of females weighing 35?2g were divided into 3 experimental groups and 1 control group, 10 rats each in both sexes. The dietary lipid contents were included in three levels, 2% as low, 30% as high and fat free diet in order to reflect the lipid consumption of nature Korean diet. 20% sugar casein diet was employed as standard for control animals. This study was carried for l6 weeks. After these period animals were sacrificedto collect the internal organs and blood samples by heart puncture. In the result of this study, high fat diet group is lower than low fat diet group in the body weight gain, Feed Efficiency Ratio, Protein Efficiency Ratio. Urinary nitrogen and organ nitrogen contents in the serum than other compared groups. It can be concluded that fat contents whether low or high and free in the diet did not show significant effect on body nitrogen metabolism. But 30% high fat diet increased the total lipid and total cholesterol contents in the liver and the serum. This fact can be interpreted that 2% low fat increases the amount of fat content in the diet as high as 30% fat diet. This result might indicate the one possible reason to decide the recommanded dietary fat levels in Korean diet.
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