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未婚母의 家庭環境과 性態度에 대한 연구

未婚母의 家庭環境과 性態度에 대한 연구
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A Study on the Home Environment and Sex Attitude of Unmarried Mothers
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교육대학원 가정과교육전공
이화여자대학교 교육대학원
The aim of this study is placed in exploring a new direction for preventing many girls from becoming unmarried mothers unhappily. And so for this, I investigated and analyzed the primary factors by which unmarried mothers were generated, by grasping the home evironment and sex attitude as well as the general characteristic and sex relations of unmarried mothers, through the comparison with those of normal unmarried women. As the method of this study, I used the questionnaire and executed this investigation from September 1984 to December 1984, making 86 unmarried mothers and 122 unmarried working women as an object of this study. The result of having analyzed the data is as follows: First; General Characteristic and Sex Relations. The age of unmarried mothers is mostly between 16 and 25(89%), and their social and economic position is low. The number of unmarried mothers who have lived apart from their parents from before pregnancy is over the half (52%), and 60% of then have no religion. Most of unmarried mothers (93%) come of a nuclear family, and the number of their lost family members is 39.5%, And the social and economic position of their parents is low, too. Under the situation of ignorance and lack of understanding of sex, unmarried mothers have relations with a man of theirs in the momentary sex impulse. Though they don't want a bady, they become unmarried mothers, as they have no money for artificial abortion or they lose the opportunity for it, due to the lack of understanding of pregnancy. Secondly; The Home Environment and Sex Attitude of Unmarried Mothers Compared with Those of Normal Unmarried Women. Compared with unmarried women, much more unmarried mothers come of a nuclear family or a family with lost family members, and their degree of satisfaction with their own home is low. And their family relationship is unstable and they have a negative recognition of their parents' breeding attitude. Compared with unmarried women, unmarried mothers have more open-hearted sex attitude than them, and their mates' sex behavior also is open-hearted. In order to preveting umarried mothers, we should protect and foster the norma1 home and make the family members have good relationship. At the same time, we should give the sex education to young boys and grils, in order to make them have the right view of value toward sex.
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