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무용수 족관절 부상에 관한 연구

무용수 족관절 부상에 관한 연구
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교육대학원 체육교육전공
이화여자대학교 교육대학원
舞踊手에게 全體體重을 支撑하면서 회전, 굴곡, 신전, 점프 (jump)등과 같은 충격을 받는 발목關節은 대단히 重要하다. 이러한 발목關節이 심한 訓練이나 練習에 의하여 많은 負傷을 입고 있다. 舞踊手들의 발목負傷을 未然에 防止하기 위한 基礎資料를 提供코져 발목負傷의 實態와 그 原因, 治療 그리고 安全性과의 關係를 糾明하기 위해서 서울市內 中·高等學校 敎師와 舞踊硏究所 舞踊手, 同德女子大學 體育敎育科 學生을 對象으로 質問紙法과 安全性 檢査를 한 結果 다음과 같은 結論을 얻었다. 1. 舞踊手의 58.54%rk 발목부상을 입었다. 2. 발목負傷의 治療實態는 鍼術, 맛사지로 했으며 負傷者의 58.53%가 未完全 治療狀態에 있었다. 4. 安定性과 발목負傷과는 中程度의 相關이 있었다.;It is the main function of foot ankle joint to bear one's body weight and tortional force. Among the ballet dancers, modern dancers and Korean dancers the ankle joint injury is prevalent. The purpose of this study was to find out the causes of the ankle joint injury and remedy treats for that injury among the three groups of dancers. The secondary purpose was to investigate the relationship between ankle joint injury and equilibrium of dancers. The subject were 41 female students of dance institute, secondary school dance teachers and dance major students of Dong duk college in Seoul, Korea. The tests administered were the questionnaire which include 13 item in it, and balancing ability measures on the equilibrium meter. It was apparent that more than half of the answerers of the questionnair replied their suffering from the ankle joint injury or they had that kind of symptom. The results revealed that the most frequent cause of the injury was brought by their false stepping, insufficient warming-ups and excessive fatigue. Most of injured dancers treated by acupancturist's or took massage on their ankle joint for themselves. However approximate three quater of injured dancers have experience of in complete curing for the injury. There was a little correltionship between balancing ability and the possibility of ankle jo int injury.
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