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여고생의 바느질능력에 관한 조사연구

여고생의 바느질능력에 관한 조사연구
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(An) Investigative Study on Girl-students' Sewing AbiIity
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교육대학원 가정과교육전공
이화여자대학교 교육대학원
본 硏究의 目的은 人文系 女子高等學校 학생들의 바느질 能力의 實態를 把握하고 그의 影響을 미치는 要因과의 相互關係를 調査하여 학생들의 바느질 지도에 참고자료를 얻고자 하였다. 본 硏究는 質問紙에 의한 調査硏究方法으로 五段階 評價法에 따라서 학생 스스로 評價하게 하였으며 調査對象은 서울 市內 人文系 女子 高等學校 三學年 730명이고 統計處理는 백분율과 χ^(2) 檢證을 하였으며 結果는 다음과 같다. A. 바느질 能力 블라우스의 製作에서는 "칼라 달기" "바이어스단 트기"의 能力이 가장 낮고 "단추 달기" "공그르기" "새발 뜨기"는 높게 나타났다. 한편 스커어트의 製作에서는 "지퍼 달기"와 "벨트 달기"의 能力이 가장 낮고 "훅 달기"가 제일 높게 나타났다. B. 바느질에 影響을 미치는 要因 1. 어머니의 敎育程度에 따른 바느질 能力의 差異檢證은 전반적으로 의미가 없으며 유의 수준 S=0.05에서 "소매산 오그리기" "실단춧구멍 하기" "새발 뜨기"만이 의미있게 나타났다. 2. 어머니의 바느질 頻度에 따른 바느질 能力의 差異檢證은 대부분의 항목에서 의미가 없게 나타났으며 유의 수준 S=0.05에서 "훅 달기" "쌈솔 하기" "리본칼라 달기" "바이어스단 트기" "통솔 하기" "실단춧구멍 하기" "다아트 박기"만이 의미가 있다. 3. 손바느질을 처음 해본 時期와 바느질 能力의 差異檢證은 "쌈솔 하기"와 "바이어스단 트기"의 항목을 제외한 모든 항목에서 의미있는 것으로 나타났다. 4. 재봉틀 能力에 따른 바느질 能力의 差異檢證은 모든 항목에서 상관이 높게 나타났다.;The purpose of this thesis is to investigate the status of the girls' sewing ability in girls' high schools and to gain some referential materials to be helpful in teaching girl-students how to sew efficiently by investigating the correlationships between the various factors which have an effect upon the girl-students' sewing ability. The status was investigated with the method of a five-step test by distributing the students questionaires and letting them evaluate themselves in sewing ability. The seven hundred and thirty students who were chosen for the investigation attend the girls' high schools in Seoul area and they are all in the 3rd year. The statistical result of the investigation was calculated by percentage and x^(2)test treatment. The result observed in the study are as follows; A. Sewing ability In making blouses they are the poorest in "attaching collars", "seams with outside curves", and the best at "attaching buttons", "versatile stitch", and "slip stitch (or blind stitch)". In making skirts, they are poor in "attaching zippers", and "attaching belts" and the best at "attaching hooks". B. the Various factors affecting the sewing ability 1. In the correlationship of the mothers' educational background and the students' sewing ability, the result of the investigation has shown meaningless on the whole, and meaningful only in "tightening and adjusting sleeve caps", "making worked buttonholes" and "slip stitch" by testing standard (S=0.05). 2. The result in the correlationship between the students' sewing ability and their mothers' sewing frequency has shown meaningless in most of the items, and meaningful in "attaching hooks", "welt seam", "attaching ribbon collars", "seam with outside curves", "flat felled seam", "marking worked buttonholes" and "stitching darts". 3. In the correlationship between the students' sewing ability and the time that they had the first experience of sewing, the result has shown meaningful in every detail except for the item of "welt seam", and "seams with outside curves". 4. The correlationship between the sewing ability and the ability of handling a sewing machine is close in every item.
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