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衣服管理則面에서의 合成纖維의 特性考察

衣服管理則面에서의 合成纖維의 特性考察
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(The) study on the clothing management effected by the characteristic of synthetic fiber
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교육대학원 가정과교육전공
의복관리합성섬유특성고찰서울시 주부
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本 硏究의 目的은 主婦들의 衣服管理面에 影響을 주는 合成纖維의 特性을 調査하고, 合成纖維 製品의 選好度를 調査하여, 앞으로의 衣生活에 合成纖維 製品을 合理的으로 活用토록 하는데 있고, 나아가서 家政科의 敎育에도 도움을 주고자 하는데 있다. 本 硏究를 위해 設定한 假說은 다음과 같다. 첫째, 合成纖維의 特性은 衣服의 選擇에 影響을 줄 것이다. 둘째, 合成纖維의 特性은 衣服의 壽命에 影響을 줄 것이다. 셋째, 中·高等學校의 家政科 敎育은 主婦들의 衣服管理에 도움을 줄 것이다. 이와함께 天然纖維 製品과 合成纖維 製品의 所持 現況과 앞으로의 衣服의 造成纖維別 選好度를 조사하고자 한다. 硏究方法은 調査硏究로서 質問紙를 使用하였고, 調査對象者는 主婦였으며, 學齡에 따라 무작위로 選定한 서울市 學生들의 어머니였다. 調査期間은 1984年2月7日부터 2月19日까지였다. 調査對象者는 年齡·敎育年數·月所得水準·職業의 有無에 따라 分析하기위해 三次에 나누어 標集했으며, 質問紙는 豫備調査後 修正補完하여 本調査를 하였다. 回收된 答案紙는 檢討하며 統計處理가 可能한 것만으로 使用하였고, 資料分析은 콤퓨터를 使用하였고, 度數分布 百分率을 算出하고 χ^(2)檢證하였다. 硏究의 分析結果는 다음과 같았다. 첫째, 合成纖維의 特性은 衣服의 選擇에 많은 影響을 주었다. 특히 洗濯의 便易性, 구김이 안가는 性質은 合成纖維 製品의 選擇理由에서 크게 지적되었다. 또한 低吸濕性은 여름用 衣服이나 內服에서, 帶電性은 겨울용 衣服에서 選擇하지 않는 理由나 短點으로 크게 지적되었다. 둘째, 合成纖維의 特性은 衣服의 壽命에 많은 影響을 주었다. 특히 Pilling성과 帶電性은 衣服의 廢棄에 影響을 주는 것으로 나타났다. 셋째, 中·高等學校의 衣生活 敎育內容은 主婦들의 衣服管理의 實際에 도움을 주지 않는 것으로 나타났다. 그밖에 앞으로의 衣服 選擇에 造成纖維別 選好度 調査 結果는 天然纖維의 選好度가 높아가고 있지만 아직은 混紡製品에 對하여 가장 選好度가 높게 나타났다. 이 結果로 볼 때, 合成纖維는 帶電性과 Pilling性·低吸濕性에 대한 문제가 시급히 해결되어야 하며, 混紡에 對한 보다 적극적인 硏究로서 合成纖維의 活用度를 높여주어야 한다. 또한 中·高等學校의 敎育에서는 合咸纖維의 帶電性, 洗濯·管理, 混紡率과 그 효과등과 같은 內容을 충분히 다루어 주기를 바란다.;The purpose of this study is to help to utilize more rational clothing and to internalize educational contents of home economics in order to enhance practical use of synthetic fiber products in the future , through investigating the merits and demerits of synthetic fiber effecting clothing management and choice. The problems of this study are classified as follows: First; The special quality of synthetic fiber will have a good effect on clothing choice. Second; The special quality of synthetic fiber will have a good effect on clothing durability. Third; Home economic education in middle and high school will give a help to clothing management. Questionaire was used for this study. The subjects were house wives who live in Seoul and were selected as a random sample according to their children's school ages. The investigation period was from Feb. 7 till Feb. 19. The subjects were sampled through three times according to their ages, educational level, income and job. Pre-test was performed after making questionaire and main investigation was acted after doing pre-investigation. The data were collected and were examined. The" subjects consisted of 567 house wives who could be made statistical treatment. Statistical treatments of the data collected include Analysis, frequent distribution, percentage, mean and X square with the aid of computer. The results of this study are as follows : First : The most influential factor to the clothing choice, wearing, management among merits of synthetic fiber is the convenience of washing. It is also problem but it displayed that durability didn't have an effect on them. Second; Among the demerits of synthetic fibers , low absorbancy was pointed out as the worst factor for summer clothing and underwear. Static electricity is especially sensitive to winter clothing and has an effect on used period. Pilling is pointed out to have demerits for summer and winter clothing and has-an effect on cloth used period. It is expected that the choice of natural fiber will be high in the clothing material choice of house wives but that they will take mixed yarn products if the style of living is gradually rationalized. Third; It displayed that the educational contents of home economics in middle and high school didn't have an effect on house wives. It was required that static electricity clothing management, pilling and the contents and effects on mixed yarn must deeply be treated. On the basis of the results of this study, it is required that better synthetic fiber and products must be developed and also demanded that textile education of home economics must be treated with having close relation to the real life. The further study on the clothing management and mixed spun which are necessary for house wives will be necessary in the future.
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