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협동학습 모형을 적용한 '인간발달과 가족관계' 영역의 학습지도안 개발

협동학습 모형을 적용한 '인간발달과 가족관계' 영역의 학습지도안 개발
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교육대학원 가정과교육전공
이화여자대학교 교육대학원
본 연구에서는 가정과교육의 본질과 협동학습 수업모형에 관한 문헌 및 선행 연구를 이론적 기초로 삼아 중학교 가정에서 '인간발달과 가족관계'영역인 '나와 가정생활'(1학년)단원과 '가족에 대한 이해'(3학년)단원을 중심으로 협동학습 모형을 적응하여 학습지도안을 구성하였다. 협동학습 모형을 적용한 학습지도 안을 개발하기 위한 첫 절차로 '나와 가정생활'과 '가족에 대한 이해'단원을 실천적 문제로 재구성하였으며, 그중에서 다음의 실천적 문제를 선정하였다. 실천적 문제1. 건강한 가족을 이루기 위해 무엇을 해야만 하는가? 실천적 문제2. 가족간에 의사소통을 잘하기 위해 무엇을 해야 하는가? 둘째, 오하이오 주립대에서 사용되는 '일과 가족생활의 교육과정 가이드'의 내용과 형식을 참고로 학습지도안의 기본틀을 세워서 위에서 제시한 실천적 문제를 해결하기 위한 학습내용을 계획하였다. 마지막으로 Johnson 과 Johnson이 개발한 협동학습의 다섯가지 필수요소를 포함시켜 집단내의 협동을 촉진시켰다. 이 필수요소들은 협동학습의 19단계로 세분화되어 있다.;This study developed and proposed a lesson plan for the area of "human development and family relationship" based on Cooperrative Learning Strategy in home economics curriculum. When we are faced with problems of family life and relationship, and social life, we should be able to solve that problems through the critical thinking, and, this is the goal of home economics education. Besides, through this processing, it leads to development of free human and free society. We need to make much efforts to solve its practical problem and to improve its effectiveness and usefulness against changing conditions of home life and society. Especially, to achieve the goal of home economics education, a task to choose home economics cumculum content and the collective efforts for effective teaching methods is demended. This study developed a lessen plan of selections of 'I and My family life' and 'Understanding about Family', area of 'Human Develpoment and Family Relationships", for 1st, and 3rd grade's home economics in middle school, based on literature review about the nature of home economics education and learning together model. Selected contents is restructured by practical problems, appropriate form for the home economics education. Among of them, a lessen plan is composed of following two selected practical problem. practical problom 1 : What should we do regarding healthy family? practical problom 2 : What should we do regarding effective communication between family members? Cooperrative Learning Strategy that this study researched into and applied to is "Teaching Learning method" that can achieve not only learned goal but also social goal, and the lessen plan is introduced in accord with personal whole development which home economics education is trying to achieve and target of role accomplishment of democracy social member. Practically, when the lessen plan is developed, About selected and restructured problem preceded, based on the basic form of "Essencial of learning together model" developed by Johnson & Johnson and "Work & Family Life Curriculum Guide" developed in Ohio State Univ.
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