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초등학교 미술과 서예교육 변천에 관한 연구

초등학교 미술과 서예교육 변천에 관한 연구
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Study on the Chance of Calligrathy Education among the Fine Arts Coure\ses of the Elementary School
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교육대학원 미술교육전공
이화여자대학교 교육대학원
The calligraphy is one of our traditional arts with a long history. Nevertheless, it became a regular curriculum of education after the liberation from Japanese occupation on Aug. 15, 1945. This study is to analyze changed particulars that appeared in calligraphy education course and texts of the elementary school and investigate their interacting relationships by the necessity to examine the changes from the 1st Education Courseto the 4th. As the objects of this study, the contents of calligraphy and fine arts texts of the 4th, 5th and 6th year students of the elementary school have been analyzed entirely and the consequences are as follows: 1. The aim of calligraphy education among the fine arts courses of the elementary school is put upon the 1st education course, and there is not any description on calligraphy field taking the 2nd, 3rd and 4th education course. As for the annual target, it is descriped on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd education course by the school years. While on the 4th education course it is descriped binding two school years at a time. On the other hands, the changes in the subject matter of Calligraphy instrution have been rather similar thoughout the four courses. The calligraphy course for the 4th year students consist of Korean correct letter writing, basic penmanship, tool usage and preservation of the tool, while that for the 5th year students consist of correct, cursive letter writing, and informations on the nature of tools, usage and management, and that for the 6th year students consist of correct, cursive letter writing, letter form writing, penmanship training and informations on the nature of tools, usage, management. 2. The calligraphy text if the elementary school taking the 2nd, 3rd educational course has been compiled into two parts, i.e., a fine arts text and a seperate volume, and that taking the 4th course has been bound together with the fine arts books and the number of sanctions sums is similar to that taking the 2nd, 3rd and 4th course, among which the letter titles that reflects the phases of the times, especially the yolaty and filial duty takes up the most. The composition of consonants and rowels has been accorded to the degree of difficulty shown by the school years. 3. As for the relativity of calligraphy texts, the texts of the 2nd educational course hag not been compiled for reflecting the contents of instruction to the utmost, while those of the 3rd and 4th courses show a lot of improvement letter titles and explanations on the tools and penmanship. As we has been the changes of the education course through four times, the contents and qualities of calligraphy texts of the elementary school have been developed a great deal. Therefore, the person in charge of calligraphy education should understand the characteristics of the text, next to analyze the interactivity and finally meet the calligraphy education which is in high level.;書藝는 우리나라 傳統藝術로 그 역사는 오래되었으나 우리나라 初等學校 書藝敎育은 1955年 第1次 敎育過程에서 1981年 第4次 敎育課程時期까지 많은 變遷이 있어왔다. 따라서 本 硏究는 제1차 敎育課程 부터 제4차 敎育課程까지 書藝敎育의 變遷을 고찰할 필요성을 느껴, 初等擧校 美術科 書藝敎育에 있어서 敎育課程과 敎科書의 變遷 內容을 分析하고 그들 상호간의 관계를 檢證하는데 目的을 두었다. 本 硏究는 4차에 걸친 敎育課程과 初等學校 4·5·6學年 書藝 및 美術敎科書의 內容 전부를 분석대상으로 하였는데 그 결과를 요약하면 다음과 같다. 1. 初等學校 美術科 書藝 敎育課程의 敎科目標는 제1차 敎育課程에만 설정하였고, 2·3·4차 敎育課程에는 書藝 분야에 대한 진술이 없으며, 學年目標는 1·2·3차에서는 學年別로 서술하였고, 제4차 敎育課程은 2개學年씩 묶어서 진술하였다. 한편, 美術科 書藝 指導內容의 變遷은 4차에 걸쳐서 비슷한데, 4學年은 書體는 한글正字쓰기, 基本筆法, 用具使用·保管에 관하여, 5學年은 書體는 正字와 흘림, 이에 따르는 筆法, 用具의 性質·使用法·管理法 등에 대하여, 6學年은 正字와 흘림·書式쓰기, 筆法익히기, 用具의 性質·活用·保管法 등의 내용으로 되어있다. 2. 初等學校 美術科 書藝敎科書는 2·3차 敎育課程에서는 美術敎科書와 別冊으로 편찬되었고, 제4차 敎育課程 敎科書는 美術과 合本되었으며 題材數는 2·3·4차 敎科書가 비슷한데 書題가 時代像의 반영과 忠·孝에 관한것이 많았고 子母音의 구성은 學年 難易度에 맞추었다. 3. 初等學校 書藝 敎育課程과 敎科書의 關聯性은 제2차 敎育課程 敎科書는 敎育課程의 指導內容을 최대한 반영하여 편찬하지 못했고, 3·4차 敎育課程 敎科書는 書題, 用具, 筆法說明 등에서 많은 質的向上이 있었다. 이와 같이 4次에 걸쳐 敎育課程이 變遷되면서 書藝敎育課程과 書藝敎科書의 內容과 質은 그 特徵과 더불어 많은 發展을 하였다. 따라서 初等學校에서의 書藝敎育 擔當者는 書藝敎育課程과 特性을 이해하고 相互關聯性을 分析 檢討하여 水準높은 書藝敎育에 임해야 할 것으로 본다.
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