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여자중학생의 지질대사와 유산소 능력 측정비교에 관한 연구

여자중학생의 지질대사와 유산소 능력 측정비교에 관한 연구
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(The) study of analysis of lipod Metabolism and Aerobic power in Middle school girls
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교육대학원 체육교육전공
이화여자대학교 교육대학원
The purpose of this study was to examine the differences among the Aerobic power, total cholesteroL concentrationr HDL-C concentration, and LDL-C concentration. The difference variable were measured during Rest period and after maximal running on the treadmill. The subjects of this stuay were 2] middle school girls who were randomly assigned into three groups-Control group, Athlete groupr anf Fat group. The auount of TC, HDL-C, and LDL- C during rest period and the differences in amount of TC, HBL-C, and LDL-C after Maximal running on the treadmill were measured and analised. The results were as folLows. 1. Total cholesterol concentration of the students who were resting also showed such differences as ]72.7±7 mg/dl of Fats, the highest, 164.7±25.2 mg/dl of controls and 146±1O.Omg/dl in Athletes group (P< 0.05). 2. There haven't been so much important alterations in varied TC concentration after exercise, but in comparison to that in rest, there was quite differences such as about 10.2% grew up for athletes group, 16.6% down for controls, and 27.0% down for Fats (P< 0.05). 3. When students were relaxing HDL-C concentration Showed 52.7±7.9 mg/dl for Controls, 51.91±8.1 mg/dl for Fats, and 45.6+2.1±mg/dl for Athletes group. 4. After exercise HDL-C concentration has so noticeably Changed as to show the increase of 13.8% in Athletes, 7.8% in Fats, and 3% in Controls group (P<0.01). 5. LDL-C Concentration of the students who were taking rest results in the differences of 316.7±33.2 mg/dl in Fats as the highest one, 235±48.5 mg/dl in Athletes and 228.]± 54.5 mg/dl in Controls group. There was a significant difference between Athletes and Fats (P<0.05), between Controls and Fats group, too (P<0.01). 6. The differences LDL-C concentration after exercise were the increases of 5.0% in Fats, 11.9% in Athletest, and 1.7% in Controls. Remarkable difference was there in the increased LDL-C concentration of the three groups (p<0.05). While there wasn't any difference between in restress and after exercise. 7. Maximal oxygen uptake per a Kg, minute showed significant differences of 47.99±3.61ml/kg, min in Atheletes, 40.47±4.91 ml/kg·min in Controls and 37.40±4.20ml/1kg, min in Fats group (P<0.01).;혈청내 총 콜레스테롤(Total cholesterol, TC), 고밀도 지질단백질 콜레스테롤(High density lipoprotein cholesterol, HDL-C), 저밀도 지질단백질 콜레스테롤(Low density Lipoprotein cholesterol, LDL-C)의 함량 및 최대운동후 TC, HDL-C, LDL-C함량 변화와 유산소능력을 비교하고저 한다. 즉 여자중학생중 일반군, 선수군, 비만군으로 분류, 각각 7명씩 임의로 추출하여 안정시의 TC, HDL-C, LDL-C 함량을 측정 분석하고, treadmill 최대주행에서 얻은 최대 유산소 능력과 최대주행후의 TC, HDL-C, LDL-C의 함량 변화를 분석 비교 검토한 결과는 다음과 같다. 1. 안정시 TC함량은 비만군이 172.7±8.7 mg/dl, 일반군이 164.7±25.2 mg/dl, 선수군이 146±10.O mg/dl로 나타났다 (P<0.05). 2. 운동후 TC함량은 안정시에 비해 비만군이 126±28.6 mg/dl로 27% 감소, 일반군은 137.4±30.3 mg/dl로 16.6% 감소하였으며 선수군은 160.9±7.5 mg/dl로 10.2% 증가되었다(P<0.05). 3. 안정시 HDL-C함량은 일반군이 52.7±7.9 mg/dl, 비만군이 51.5±8.1 mg/dl, 선수군이 45.6±2.1 mg/dl로 나타났으나 유의한 차는 없었다. 4. 안정시 체중당 HDL-C함량은 일반군이 1.07 mg/dl·kg, 선수군이 0.92 mg/dl·kg이며 비만군은 0.72 mg/dl·kg으로 나타났다. 5. 운동후 HDL-C함량은 안정시보다 비만군이 55.5±6.1 mg/dl로 7.8% 증가, 일반군이 54.3±6.8 mg/dl로 3% 증가, 선수군이 51.7±3.5 mg/dl로 13.8% 증가하였다(P<0.01). 6. 안정시 LDL-C함량은 비만군이 316.7±32.2 mg/dl, 선수군이 235±48.5 mg/dl로 나타났고(P<0.05), 일반군은 228.1±54.5 mg/dl로 비만군보다 39%정도 낮게 나타났다(P<0.01). 7. 운동후 LDL-C함량은 선수군이 263±53.0 mg/dl로 안정시보다 11.9%증가, 일반군이 231.9±42.8 mg/dl로 안정시보다 5% 증가, 비만군이 332.5±17.8 mg/dl로 1.7% 증가하였다. 증가된 각 군별 LDL-C함량간에는 유의한 차가 나타났으나(P<0.05), 처치간에는 유의한 차가 없었다. 8. 유산소 능력인 최대산소섭취량(V˙0_(2)max)은 선수군이 47.99±3.61 ml/kg·min, 일반군이 40.47±4.91ml/kg·min, 비만군이 37.40±4.20 ml/kg·min의 순으로 나타났다(P<0.01). 이상의 실험 결과에서 V˙0_(2)max가 47.99 ml/kg·min으로 가장 크게 나타난 선수군의 TC함량이 가장 낮았고, 체중당 HDL-C함량은 1.05 mg/dl·kg으로 비만군보다 높았으며 LDL-C함량은 235 mg/dl로 운동후에는 11.9% 증가하였다. 반면 V˙0_(2)max가 적은 비만군에서는 TC함량 및 LDL-C함량치가 가장 높게 나타났다.
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