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觀衆과 遂行者의 情緖安定性이 運動遂行에 미치는 영향

觀衆과 遂行者의 情緖安定性이 運動遂行에 미치는 영향
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(The) Effects of Others' Presence and Performer's Emotional Stability on the Performance of Motor Tasks
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교육대학원 체육교육전공
이화여자대학교 교육대학원
人間의 行動이 環境的 要因과 人的 要因의 相互作用으로 決定된다면 運動遂行 역시 人間行動의 一側面이기 때문에, 같은 要因의 의하여 決定된다고 槪念化할 수 있다. 運動遂行을 決定하는 外的, 環境的 要因에는 氣候, 施設, 觀衆, 코-치 등이 속하며 內的, 人的要因속에는 性格, 知能, 自我槪念, 體格등이 속한다. 本 硏究는 運動遂行에 影響을 미치는 外的 要因가운데 觀衆이 運動遂行者에게 느끼게하는 評價憂慮水準과 遂行者의 情緖 安定性이 運動遂行 結果에 미치는 影響을 究明하는 것이 그 目的이다. 이 硏究의 對象은 國民學枝 4學年 學生 226名에게 實施한 惰緖 安定性 檢査 結果를 根據로 선정된 男·女 40名이었다. 이들을 對象으로 두가지 實驗課題(어렵고, 쉬운 구슬옮기기)遂行을 통하여 얻은 結果를 各 問題別로 變量分析을 하였다. 이에 의하여 얻은 結果는 다음과 같다. 1. 觀衆이 運動遂行者에게 느끼게하는 評價憂廬水準은 運動遂行에 影響을 미친다. 2. 運動遂行者의 惰緖 安定性의 高低는 運動遂行에 影響을 미치지 않는다. 3. 觀衆으로부터 運動遂行者가 느끼는 評價憂慮水準이 運動遂行에 미치는 效果는 遂行者의 情緖的 安定性 程度와 關係가 없다. 4. 觀衆과 情緖的 安定性이 運動遂行에 미치는 影響은 課題의 難易度와 關係가 없다.;Human behavior can be expressed as the endproduct of interaction between internal factors(personal factors)and external factors(envioronmental factors). In a similar vein, motor performance can be conceptualized as the interactive outcome of presonal and situational variables, besause motor performance is one aspect of the human behavior. Included in external factors of motor performance are coach, spectators, weather, equipment and etc. And, internal factors include such factors as personality, physique, and self-concept. In person-environment interaction framework, motor perfomance was investigated as a function of passive audience and emotional stability of performers. Subjects of this study were 40 fourth-grade boys and girls in Chung-Ha Elementary School. Subjects divided into two groups, i.e., high and low emotional stability performers, were tested in a 2×2(Emotional Stability×Audience Characteristics)between-subject design with two different difficulties of marble-moving tasks. The obtained results were as follows : 1. Performer's evaluative apprehension level felt from the presence of others did not influence the performance level in marble moving. 2. The stability level of performer had nothing to do with performance level in marble moving. 3. The evaluative apprehension level of different types of audince as well as performer' emotional stability, when combined, did not have differential effects on task performance.
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