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精薄兒의 여밈遂行能力에 知能指數와 障碍部位가 미치는 影響

精薄兒의 여밈遂行能力에 知能指數와 障碍部位가 미치는 影響
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교육대학원 가정과교육전공
이화여자대학교 교육대학원
Clothes are given a much more important meaning to the retarded ones who have defects of the body, because they should experience the independent activity of putting their clothes on and off by themselves. For this purpose I've studied the present life style of the mentally retarded and their power of handling the fastenings that they wear. Especially I searched how the intelligence quotient and the defective parts are connected and effect each other for the power of handling the fastening that they wear. I aim to present the basic data for planning the kinds of fastening to be used for the mantally retarded through this research. For fulfilling the purpose of it, I visited three special schools for the retarded in Seoul, and I met 42 parents of the students. Through the interview with them I tried to find out the present condition of their clothes and to estimate the student's ability to wear clothes by themselves. And with 72 retarded students I searched and estimated the power of handling the fastenings that they wear. Every data I got form this process, I let follow the statistical package for social science, simply the course of frequence and divisions. The power of handling the fastenings that they wore came out as a result of two way anova following the two changing factors, the intelligence quotient and the defective parts of the body. The result of this research is as follows. First, the mentaly retarded usually wear a zipper for afront to half opening. They use a stretch belt for their waist. When the students wear these kinds of clothes, 52% of them trigd to do it by themselves, but 30% needed other's help, when they choose clothing on the market, they emphesize the convenienced technical activity of wearing rather than form of design. The textile and design of the cloth is largely dependented the technical side for them to live in these clothes. Second, the mentally retarded desire to have new and pretty ones, and hate to have specially mode ones which are differently compared to normal clothes. It means that they want to appear the same as healthy children. But for the parents of the mentally retarded they hope to find the specially designed clothes. This is proved by the fact find the specially designed clothes. This is proved by the fact that the retarded have a lack of ability to maintain their clothes well. By real practice research, this is the degree of the factors, the Intelligence Quotient and the defect parts of the body for power in handling fastening that they wear. The degree of effect with each combinations is as follows: First, the zipper is not influenced by both factors, I.Q and the defect parts. Second, the button is affected by it's form, not by it's size. Third, the Snap is affected by both factors. Fourth, the Velcro is affected by both factors, influencing each other. Fifth, the Fasteners are affected by the Intelligence Quotient. As a result of this research, several things are asked for the mentally retarded's clothes. The needed to make specially designed clothes keeping in mind. The individual I.Q and the defect are parts of the body, what is convenient for them to wear, and at the same time looking like every one else. This research is done only to present the basic data for more study for the mentally retarded ones. I could find certain I.Q. data of them but I felt a lack of sample data for the defective parts of their bodies. Therefore there should be a serious consideration to interprete this research for enlarged application. I would suggest a study for a canerete evaluation by sampling those who have the same I.Q. and the same defects, and abserve. How they really wear their clothes. The ability to put clothes on and off becomes casier practice, so we should think hard to transfer practice as one of the educational methods to apply this data for a mentally retarded life-style technology.;正常兒보다 衣服을 通해서 더 많은 自立行動을 經驗하게 해 주어야 하기 때문에 衣服은 正常人보다 障碍者에게 더 重要한 意味가 있다. 이러한 側面에서, 本 硏究의 目的은 첫째, 精薄兒들의 衣生活 實態와 自立的 衣服着用 能力을 알아보고 둘째로는, 여밈遂行能力에 知能指數와 障碍部位와의 相關關係를 알아봄으로서 精薄兒들을 爲한 衣服硏究의 基礎資料를 提供하고자 한다. 本 論文의 硏究方法으로는 精薄兒의 어머니 42명을 對象으로 衣生活 實態調査와 自立的 衣服着用能力을 調査하였으며, 精薄兒 72名을 對象으로 여밈遂行能力을 測定하였다. 以上의 過程을 通하여 얻어진 資料는 調査硏究에 있어서는 單純頻度分布等을 Spss를 活用하여 算出하였고 여밈遂行能力을 知能指數와 障碍部位 두 變因을 가지고 二元變量分析 하였다. 그 結果 調査硏究에 있어서 첫째로, 精薄兒에게 가장 많이 입히는 트임位置는 半 앞트임이고 가장 많이 使用하는 여밈附屬品으로는 지퍼이며, 허리處理方法은 전체 고무줄을 많이 使用하고 있었다. 衣服着脫衣時 精薄兒의 52 %가량이 自己가 스스로 입으려고 하고 30%가량이 남의 도움을 받아야 하며, 衣服 選擇時 입고 벗기 便利한데 重點을 두었으며 디자인과 옷감의 材質도 活動이 便利한 技能的인 面에 重點을 두고 있었다. 둘째로, 精薄兒의 衣服에 대한 關心은 편한 옷 보다 새 옷을 좋아하였으며, 正常兒들의 衣服 着用에 同調性을 갖는 것으로 나타났다. 또한 精薄兒 어머니의 衣服에 대한 關心度는 높았다. 精薄兒들의 衣服管理性은 不足한 것으로 나타났다. 實驗硏究에 있어서 여밈遂行能力에 知能指數와 障碍部位가 영향을 미치는 程度를 各 附屬品 種類마다 알아본 結果 첫째, 지퍼(Zipper)는 두 變因의 相互作用效果가 없는 것으로 나타났으며 둘째, 단추(Button)는 크기에는 별 意味가 없고 모양에 있어서는 知能指數가 영향을 미치는 것으로 나타났다. 셋째, 스냅(Snap)은 知能指數와 障碍部位의 相互作用效果가 있는 것으로 나타났다. 넷째, 벨크로(Velcro)의 경우에는 知能指數와 障碍部位가 영향을 미치며, 두 變因의 相互作用效果도 있는 것으로 나타났다. 以上의 結果에서 精薄兒의 여밈遂行能力에 영향이 있는 個個人의 知能 및 障碍部位를 考慮한 여밈 附屬品을 使用한, 着脫衣가 便利하고 同時에 正常兒의 衣服과 비슷하게 보이는 衣服의 製作이 要求된다. 本 硏究는 精薄兒 衣服에 대한 基礎資料를 提供하는데 그 目的이 있다. 精薄兒의 知能指數 測定이 학교마다 다소 相異하고 같은 障碍類型을 가진 被驗者의 數가 적어 확대 해석에 신중을 기해야 할 것이다. 앞으로의 硏究課題로는 精薄兒의 여밈遂行能力을 실제의복을 着用한 狀態에서 같은 知能指數와 같은 障碍類型을 가진 被驗者들로 統制하여 정확하게 評價하는 硏究가 이루어져야하며 여밈遂行能力을 학습에 依해서 향상되어 질 수 있으므로 精薄兒 신변생활지도에 적용하여 학습에 轉移될 수 있는 方案이 摸索되어야 할 것이다.
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