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Dietary changes in Vietnamese marriage immigrant women

Dietary changes in Vietnamese marriage immigrant women
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베트남 결혼 이민 여성의 식이 변화
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대학원 식품영양학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
The immigrant population through international marriage has grown considerably in South Korea since the early 1990's. The dietary changes in immigrants are an important issue because it is related to health and disease pattern. The increase of dairy product consumption improves the overall nutritional quality of a diet and is associated with decreased levels of C-reactive protein (CRP). Therefore, this study was conducted to compare changes in dietary intakes, especially of dairy product and calcium, between baseline and follow-up period, and to examine the associations between dairy product consumption and changes in nutritional status and blood CRP levels in Vietnamese female marriage immigrants during the follow-up period. The baseline data was collected during 2006-2009 and the follow-up data was collected in 2008 and 2010. Food consumption was assessed using a 1-day 24-hour recall. Among 233 Vietnamese subjects, the consumption of cereals (P = 0.004), vegetables (P = 0.003), fruits (P = 0.002), and total food intakes (P < 0.001) was decreased over time, although the consumption of milk and dairy products was increased (P = 0.004). Overall nutrient intakes, including energy (P = 0.028), carbohydrate (P = 0.012), protein (P = 0.021), fiber (P = 0.008), iron (P = 0.009), zinc (P = 0.006), and folate (P = 0.002), were decreased over time. The mean skeletal muscle mass was decreased (P = 0.012). HDL-cholesterol slightly increased (P = 0.020), whereas blood CRP level was decreased during the follow-up period (P < 0.001). Among 123 Vietnamese subjects, changes in dairy product consumption based on Mini Dietary Assessment (MDA) results were positively associated with changes in milk and dairy product consumption (P < 0.001), carbohydrate (P = 0.005), fiber (P = 0.008), and especially calcium intake (P = 0.005). In subjects whose dairy product consumption have increased, the blood CRP level was decreased, whereas the opposite changes were observed in subjects whose dairy product consumption have decreased (P = 0.003). In conclusion, overall dietary intake was decreased in Vietnamese subjects during the follow-up period. Changes in dairy product consumption based on MDA results were positively associated with changes in milk and dairy products consumption and calcium intake, and negatively associated with blood CRP level. A long-term follow-up study is needed to assess the association between dairy product consumption and chronic diseases in Vietnamese female marriage immigrants.;1990년 이후로, 한국 남성과 결혼하는 외국인 여성의 국제 결혼 건수가 급격하게 증가하고 있다. 국제결혼 이민 여성에게 식이 변화는 건강 및 질병 패턴과 관련되는 중요한 요소이다. 특히, 유제품 섭취의 증가는 식이의 전반적인 질 향상과 더불어 C-reactive protein (CRP)의 수치 감소와도 관련된다. 그러므로, 본 연구에서는 추적조사를 통하여 베트남 결혼 이민 여성의 유제품 섭취 및 칼슘 섭취를 비롯한 전반적인 식이 변화를 살펴 보았다. 또한 유제품 섭취 변화가 영양상태 및 CRP에 미치는 영향을 알아 보았다. Baseline조사는 2006 ~ 2009년에 걸쳐 진행되었으며, 이에 대한 추적조사는 2008년과 2010년에 이루어졌다. 식이섭취는 1일 24시간 회상법을 이용하여 분석하였다. 233명의 대상자에게서, 곡류 (P = 0.004), 채소류 (P = 0.003), 과일류 (P = 0.002), 및 총 식품 (P < 0.001)의 섭취량이 감소하였고, 반면에 우유 • 유제품류의 섭취량 (P = 0.004)은 증가하였다. 에너지 (P = 0.028), 탄수화물 (P = 0.012), 단백질 (P = 0.021), 식이섬유 (P = 0.008), 철분 (P = 0.009), 아연 (P = 0.006) 그리고 엽산 (P = 0.002)을 포함한 전반적인 영양섭취가 감소하였다. 또한 골격근량이 감소하였다 (P = 0.012). HDL-콜레스테롤은 다소 증가하였으며 (P = 0.020), CRP 수치는 감소하였다 (P < 0.001). 123명의 대상자를 간이식생활진단 결과 변화를 기준으로 나눠보았을 때, 유제품섭취가 증가한 군은 우유 • 유제품류 (P < 0.001), 탄수화물 (P = 0.005), 식이섬유 (P = 0.008), 특히 칼슘 (P = 0.005)의 섭취가 증가하였다. 또한 유제품섭취가 증가한 군에서, CRP 수치가 감소하였으며, 유제품섭취가 감소한 군에서는 CRP 수치가 증가하였다 (P = 0.003). 본 연구의 추적조사를 통해서, 베트남 결혼 이민 여성의 전반적인 식이 섭취가 감소하였음을 알 수 있었다. 또한 유제품섭취변화는 우유 • 유제품류 및 칼슘 섭취와 양의 관계를 보였고, CRP수치와 음의 관계를 보였음을 알 수 있었다. 추후 베트남 결혼 이민 여성을 대상으로 장기간의 추적조사를 통해서 유제품섭취와 만성질병과의 관계를 살펴 볼 필요성이 있다.
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