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대학출신 주부의 식생활실태에 관한 연구

대학출신 주부의 식생활실태에 관한 연구
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Dietary survey in relation to higher educated womans role as homemaker
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대학원 식품영양학과
이화여자대학교 대학원
Under the present situation of rapidly changing society, woman's role as homemaker was conceptualized in relation to daily meal preparation. Questionnaire form were formulated to be distributed for 373 college graduated homemaker dwelling in Seoul area. Thirty five percents of the sampled homemakers in this study had full time job, thirty percents were not employed and the rests were employed in part time job. Following points were included in the questionnaire forms 1. The concepts of woman's role as homemaker under changing society. 2. The factors mostly influence homemakers when they prepare meal. 3. Analyze the nutritional status according to the nutrients intakes. The results of this survey showed as follows. 1. It seems that possesion of job did not influence the nutrients intake for family and herself. Nutrients intake survey showed any significant difference among full time, part time and not imployed homemaker's family. 2. Full time devotion for homeworK showed a little bareness of homemaker which developed dissatisfaction of her daily life. Full time employed homemaKer had to share her time tightly for homework. But achivement feeling gave her more satisfaction of her daily life. 3. Questionaire included eight factors concerned by homemaker when they prepare meal. Homemaker concerned mostly taste, nutrition of family, family health, food habit, food cost, convenience, mass media, and nerself respectively. Then were no statistically significant correlation between nutrients intake and eight factors observed. 4. It seem homemakers were able to get two different source of help, one house helper and the other processed food products for time and labor saving of homework. This survey showed that city dwelling homemakers were preferencively to keep the house helper in their home as house helper. And they were rather prefer to choose unprocessed ana raw food items which had to consume more time and labor when they prepare meal. 5. One of the major purpose of this study was to assess the nutrients intake status by means of Georgy Beaton's criteria. According to the analyzed criteria, probability of deficiency population out of respondents were as follows. Probable calorie dificiency population were 36%, iron 28%, calcium 20%, ascorbic acid 20% and protein 14%. Social anticipation and full time employment of college graduated homemaker prevated self satisfied wills Which activated the creative and healthy daily life.;본 연구는 여성들의 사회참여도에 따른 가사운영 현황과 의식을 연구하였는데 식생활을 위주로 이에 영향을 미치는 제 요인을 분석하였다. 본 논문에서는 3가지 문제에 촛점을 맞추어 연구하였다. 1. 여성의 역할변화에 따르는 주부의 의식조사 2. 주부의 식사준비에 영향을 미치는 요인의 분석 3. 주부의 영향섭취 실태 및 이에 영향을 미치는 요인 본 연구의 조사 방법으로는 질문지법을 사용했으며 영양섭취 실태는 24시간 기억법으로 조사하였다. 수집된 자료는 컴퓨터를 이용하여 분석하였고, 영양섭취 실태와 이에 영향하는 인자들 사이의 상관 관계는 Pearson 상관계수에 의해 분석하였다. 조사대상자의 영양상태 판정은 George Beaton의 방법을 적용하였다. 조사대상자는 서울시내에 거주하고 있는 373명의 대학출신 주부를 대상으로 하였다. 분석하여 종합한 결과 우리나라의 대학출신 주부의 영양소 섭취량은 모두 권장량 수준이상인 것으로 밝혀졌다. 우리나라 주부들의 가족을 위한 식생활 태도에서는 맛, 가족의 식성, 영양, 가족의 건강은 매우 고려하나 기타의 것은 약간 고려하는 것으로 나타났다. 본 조사 결과 대학출신 주부가 직업을 갖고 가사를 병행할 경우 주부자신의 만족도 또한 높아지므로 가정내에서 주부의 역할을 훨씬 더 잘 수행해 낼 수 있을 것으로 기대되며 주부가 직장에 나간다고 해도 그것으로 인해 주부자신과 가족의 영양에 큰 타격을 주지않는 것으로 나타났다.
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