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高校運動選手의 運動類型別 人間關係 特性分析

高校運動選手의 運動類型別 人間關係 特性分析
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Lysis of inter-personal relation features accompanied with sports by players of high school level
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교육대학원 체육교육전공
이화여자대학교 교육대학원
In reference of an analytical theory of FIRO-B (Fundamental Inter-personal Relation Orientation-Behavior) by Schutz W.C., saying that the inter-personal relation develops and is formed by expressing in either "Expressed" or "Wanted", one's desire of inclusion, control and affection toward the other party when one establishes a relation with the other in view of desire-intensive inclination, this study is directed to identify the forms and structure of fundamental inter-personal relation in connection with sports-career by sexes and types of sports and presents valuable data in the interest of improvement and guidance of interpersonal relation on the part of sports-man and woman. Sampling for this study was derived from the boys and girls' high school sports activities in Seoul city, affiliated to each federation and committee under umbrella of Korea Amateur Sports Association; 90 individuals from Swimming, Gymnastics and Track & Field; 105 of dual from Table Tennis, Tennis, Teakwondo and Judo; 230 players of team athletic sports; Total 425 sample persons. A questionnaire of FIRO-B form as an instrument of measurement was employed for the study survey. The questionnaire was responded by 425 persons and 410 respondents were found acceptable according to the survey principles. Scores of desire are counted in consideration of types of sports, sexes and sports-career year. Nextly, scores of co-efficient in the terms of interchange and originator behavior are considered followed by each average and standard deviation thereof. Result of ANOVA analysis sets for the conclusions as follows: 1. In case of male individual and dual athletic sports, the inclusion behavior and affection are noted of expressed thing but in case of male team athletic sports, inclusion behavior is noted of expressed nature. 2. In case of female individual and dual athletic sports, inclusion behavior was of strong expressed thing and in case of female team athletic sports, both of inclusion and affection behavior are strong in the same expressed form. 3. Affection behavior in its area of intensity is strong enough to indicate P<0.05 in the both sexes. 4. Looking into human relation behavior in relation with sport-career year, the expressed desired was strong in case of 5-6 year career players of male individual athletic sports and 3-4 year career players of dual athletic sports and also in case of 1-2 year career player of team athletic sports. 5. Human relation behavior of expressed form on the part of female players indicated P<0.05 strong in case of 7 year or more career players of individual and dual athletic sports both. 6. Amount of inter-change on the part of male player revealed its high degree of affection depending on types of sports, team play and area. Amount of inter-change on the part of female player revealed its high degree of affection in case of individual sports field. 7. Originator behavior on the part of male players revealed no difference in relation with types of sports. Area of affection was high in the terms of Inclusive Originator Behavior by player of individual and dual thus representing a positive margin (p<0.01) by types of area. 8. No difference on originator behavior was noted in view of types of sports in case of female players. 9. No change on amount of interchange and originator behavior in view of sport career on the both sexes could be found.;本 硏究는 한 個人이 欲求志向의 側面에서 다른 個人과 相互間의 交互關係를 이룰 때 相對方에 對한 包容, 統制 및 愛情의 欲求를 能動的 혹은 受動的으로 標出함으로서 人間關係를 形成시켜 나간다는 슈츠(Schutz)의 FIRO-B(Fundamental Interpersonal Relation Orientation-Behavior) 分析理論을 바탕으로 運動類型에 따른 性別, 運動經歷別로 基礎的인 人間關係 特性들을 밝힘으로서 運動選手의 人間關係 形式과 構造를 알아보기 위한 것으로서 人間關係 改善과 指導에 必要한 자료를 제공하여 주는데 目的이 있다. 硏究의 目的을 위하여 大韓體育會 산하 各 경기 단체에 加入되어 있는 서울特別市 所在의 男女 高等學校 運動部 中에서 運動類型別, 集團分類에 依하여 個人種目(수영, 체조, 육상)에서 90名, 對人種目(탁구, 테니스, 태권도, 유도)에서 105名, 團體種目(배구, 농구, 핸드볼, 야구, 축구)에서 230名, 총 425名을 標集하였다. 測定道具로서는 슈츠의 FIRO-B 질문지를 使用하였으며 질문지를 배부, 425매를 회수하여 本 질문지 조사원칙에 벗어나지 않은 410매의 질문지 만으로 運動類型別, 性別 및 運動經歷別로 欲求의 점수를 낸 후 相互交換量과 創始的得點을 計算하였으며 각각의 평균과 표준편차를 산출하고 ANOVA分析을 실시한 결과 다음과 같은 結論을 얻었다. 1. 運動類型別로, 男子 個人競技種目 및 對人競技種目 選手의 包容行動과 愛情行動은 能動的이었고 團體競技種目 選手의 경우는 包容行動이 能動的으로 나타났다. 2. 女子 個人競技種目 및 對人競技種目 選手의 경우는 包容行動이 能動的이었고 團體競技種目 選手의 경우는 包容行動과 愛情行動이 能動的으로 나타났다. 3. 領域別로 男女 모두 愛情領域에서의 行動(p<0.01)이 强하게 나타났다. 4. 運動經歷別로, 男子 運動選手의 能動的 欲求에 의한 人間關係 行動은 個人競技種目 選手의 運動經歷 5∼6年에서 높게 나타났으며, 受動的 欲求는 對人競技種目 選手의 運動經歷 3∼4年과 團體競技種目 選手의 運動經歷 1∼2年에서 높게 나타났다. 5. 女子 運動選手의 能動的 欲求에 의한 人間關係 行動은 個人競技 種目과 對人競技種目 選手의 運動經歷 7年 以上에서(p<0.05) 높게 나타났다. 6. 男子 運動選手의 相互交換量은 運動類型別로는 團體競技種目에서, 領域別로는 愛情領域에서 높게 나타났으며 女子 運動選手의 相互交換量은 對人競技種目의 愛情領域에서 높았다. 7. 男子 運動選手의 創始行動은 運動類型間의 差異는 없었으나 領域別로는 有意한 差(p<0.01)로 個人競技種目의 包容的인 創始行動과 對人競技種目의 愛情領域에서의 創始行動이 높았다. 8. 女子 運動選手의 運動類型에 따른 創始行動의 差異가 없었다. 9. 男女 모두 運動經歷에 의한 相互交換量 및 創始行動의 變化가 없었다.
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