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中·高生의 身體活動에 對한 態度 調査 硏究

中·高生의 身體活動에 對한 態度 調査 硏究
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The purpose of this study was to investigate what attitude toward physical activity do secondary students have affirmative and maintain their interest in physical activities and help them lead a cheerful school life. Surveyed regions were divided into urban, small provincial and rural areas. According to this regional division SEOUL, SONGTAN, ANSUNG were selected as sampling areas. The subjects chosen by random sampling consisted of 2150 middle and high school students from the above areas. A single class was selected from each grade. A questionnaire developed by G, S. KENYON on the attitude toward physical activity (ATPA) inventory was used for this study To find out how reliable this questionnaire can be, Hoyt reliablilities test was conducted. The results ranged from .71 to .76 on the six scales in case of 66 male middle school students, whereas the figures ranged from .63 to .71 on the six scales with regard to 60 female middle school students. The results of this study was handled by computer according to sexes, Academic career (middle and high school), and regions. The data were processed by SPSS program Vax 11 in the computer center at EWHA Womans university. On the results obtained. The following conclusions were drawn: 1. Male middle school students have affirmative attitude toward physical activity as ascetic, as fitness. Femal middle school students have affirmative attitude toward physical activity as fitness, as catharsis. There is not any remarkable difference according regions in boy students' attitude, while girl students' attitude differs from region to region with regard to physical activities as fitness, vertigo, aesthetic, catharsis and ascetic in P (.001 . level. 2. Male high students have affirmative toward physical activity as ascetic and as fitness. Female high school students have affirmative toward physical activity as fitness and as catharsis. Boy students showed regionally attitudes toward physical activity as social, as fitness, and as aesthetic in P <.001 level whereas the regional differences among girl students appeared in physical activity as aesthesic in P < .001 level and as catharsis in P < .05 level. 3. The differences between boy students' attitudes on the basis of school level were found in physical activities as cathersis in P < .001 level, and as ascetic in P <. 01 level. On the other hand, the school level based differences between girl students' attitudes were discovered in physical activities as social in P <.001 level, as catharsis in P < .001 level, ascetic in P <.05 level.;本 硏究는 中·高生의 身體活動에 對한 態度를 究明하는데 그 目的이 있다. 硏究 對象은 中·高學生이며, 調査對象 地域은 大都市, 中小都市, 農村으로 구분하여 大都市는 서울, 中小都市는 송탄, 農村은 안성으로 任意選定 하였다. 各 지역에서 任意抽出에 의해 선정된 학교의 1, 2, 3학년 各 1학급 학생 全員을 조사 대상자로 標集하였다. 標集한 2,150名을 대상으로 Kenyon의 "身體活動 態度檢査 質問紙(Attitude Toward Physical Activity Inventory)"를 이용한 質問 調査를 실시하였다. 本 硏究에서는 中·高生에게 적절한 문장임을 알아보기 위하여 예비조사(pilot test)를 실시한 후 檢査道具를 再作成 하였다. 또한 道具의 標準化를 위하여 信賴度 檢證을 실시하였다. 수집된 자료는 各 집단별로 t-test와 변량분석을 적응하여 처리하였다. 이에 의해 얻은 結論은 다음과 같다. 1. 中·高學生 男女 모두 健康要因에 肯定的인 態度를 보였다. 男學生은 苦行, 健康 要因에, 女學生은 健康, 感情의 淨化 要因에 肯定的인 態度를 보였다. 2. 中學校 男學生의 신체활동에 대한 태도와 地域間에는 유의한 差가 나타나지 않았으나, 女學生은 健康, 冒險, 感情의 淨化, 苦行, 審美 要因에서 유의한 差가 나타났다. 高等學校 男學生의 신체활동에 대한 태도와 地域間의 비교에 있어서는 社交, 健康 要因에 유의한 差가 나타났으며, 女學生은 感情의 淨化 要因에서 유의한 差가 나타났다. 3. 신체활동에 대한 中·高間 比較에세논 男學生의 경우 感情의 淨化, 苦行적 要因에서 유의한 差가 나타났으며, 女學生의 경우 社交, 感情의 淨化 要因에서 유의한 差가 나타났다.
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