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現代舞踊 Contraction 動作時의 呼吸運動과 主動筋收縮에 관한 分析

現代舞踊 Contraction 動作時의 呼吸運動과 主動筋收縮에 관한 分析
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Analysis about breathing control and contraction of main muscles action of modern dance contraction
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교육대학원 체육교육전공
이화여자대학교 교육대학원
現代舞踊에 있어서 가장 基本이 되는 Contraction 動作은 身體를 폭넓게 活用하는 基本이 되므로 이 動作을 바르게 訓練하고 指導할 수 있다면 보다 效率的이고 合理的연 舞踊技術을 向上시킬 수 있을 것이다. 따라서 本 硏究는 Contraction 動作時의 重要한 要因이 되는 呼吸과 筋收縮의 狀態를 把握하기 위하여 現代舞踊 經驗이 10年 以上인 熟練된 舞踊手 2名과 舞踊經驗이 6個月 以下인 未熟練 舞踊手 2名을 對象으로 呼吸曲線과 E.M.G를 分析한 結果 다음과 같은 結論을 얻었다. 1. Contraction 動作時 熟練者의 호흡양상은 每 呼吸마다 規則性있게 나타났으나 初心者는 一定하지 않게 나타났다. 2. 動作時 熟練者의 呼吸維持狀態는 거의 持續的인데 反하여 初心者는 持續的으로 維持하지 못하였다. 3. 動作時 熟練者의 吸入時間은 1 1/2초가 걸렸으나 初心者는 單時間에 吸入하는 경향이 있었다. 4. Contraction 動作時 腹直筋은 熟練者나 初心者나 筋의 동원이 별로 나타나지 않았다. 5. 動作時 大胸筋의 動員은 熟練者가 初心春보다 크게 作用되는 것으로 나타났다. 6. Contraction動作時 主動筋은 腹直筋보다 大胸筋인 것을 알 수 있다. 以上을 綜合하 여 보면 Contraction 動作時 吸入한 狀態를 그대로 維持할 수 있는 힘과 犬胸筋의 適切한 適切한 訓練을 쌓게 되면 正確한 Contraction 效果를 期待할 수 있을 것으로 恩料된다.;Since the contraction motion, which is one of the most basics in modern dance, is essential to use the body flexibly, the correct training and teaching of this will bring more efficient and veasonable improvement in the techniques of modern dance. The main objective of this article is to investigate the condition of muscle contraction and breath in contraction motion. In this study, It compared two skilled dancers who have experience of more than ten years with two beginners who have experience of less than six months. To analyze their breaths and the conditions of muscle-contraction. After studying their curves of breath and E.M.G., It came to the conclusions as follows; 1. There was a definite difference in breath volume between the skilled and beginners, while the breath volume of skilled dancers was regular, that of the beginners was irregular. 2. The breath maintenance was also different between the skilled and the beginners. While the breath maintenance of the skilled was almost continuous, that of the beginners was not. 3. There were differences in inhaling time between the skilled and the beginners. The skilled took 1½seconds to inhale and the beginners inhaled very quickly in comparison with the skilled. 4. In both cases of the skilled and the beginners, M. Rectus Abdominis were released in contraction motion and in the case of the skilled showed some electric discharge phenomenon. 5. M. Gluetus of the skilled was more used than that of the beginners in contraction motion. 6. It was recognized that the main acting muscle in contraction motion was M. Gluetus. In summary, the exact contraction effect was achieved by appropriate training of M. Gluetus and the maintainable power of inhalation condition in contraction motion.
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