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2015Efficient Hybrid-Type CO2 Adsorbents of Reassembled Layered Double Hydroxide 2D Nanosheets with Polyoxometalate 0D Nanoclusters황성주; Gunjakar Jayavant LaxmanArticle
2015Phase Tuning of Nanostructured Gallium Oxide via Hybridization with Reduced Graphene Oxide for Superior Anode Performance in Li-Ion Battery: An Experimental and Theoretical Study황성주; Gunjakar Jayavant LaxmanArticle
2015Porous Hybrid Network of Graphene and Metal Oxide Nanosheets as Useful Matrix for Improving the Electrode Performance of Layered Double Hydroxides황성주; Gunjakar Jayavant LaxmanArticle
2011Mesoporous layer-by-layer ordered nanohybrids of layered double hydroxide and layered metal oxide: Highly active visible light photocatalysts with improved chemical stability황성주; Gunjakar Jayavant LaxmanArticle
2010Porously assembled 2D nanosheets of alkali metal manganese oxides with highly reversible pseudocapacitance behaviors황성주; Gunjakar Jayavant LaxmanArticle
2014A linker-mediated self-assembly method to couple Isocharged nanostructures: Layered double hydroxide-CdS nanohybrids with high activity for visible-light-induced H2 Generation황성주; Gunjakar Jayavant LaxmanArticle
2014Exploration of nanostructured functional materials based on hybridization of inorganic 2D nanosheets황성주; Gunjakar Jayavant LaxmanArticle
2013Highly Efficient Visible Light-Induced O-2 Generation by Self-Assembled Nanohybrids of Inorganic Nanosheets and Polyoxometalate Nanoclusters황성주; Gunjakar Jayavant LaxmanArticle
2013Graphene-assisted room-temperature synthesis of 2D nanostructured hybrid electrode materials: Dramatic acceleration of the formation rate of 2D metal oxide nanoplates induced by reduced graphene oxide nanosheets황성주; Gunjakar Jayavant LaxmanArticle
2013Self-assembly of layered double hydroxide 2D nanoplates with graphene nanosheets: An effective way to improve the photocatalytic activity of 2D nanostructured materials for visible light-induced O2 generation황성주; Gunjakar Jayavant LaxmanArticle