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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2017On optimal grouping and stochastic comparisons for heterogeneous items차지환Article
2017Stationary bootstrapping for realized covariations of high frequency financial data신동완Article
2017Estimation of structural mean breaks for long-memory data sets신동완Article
2017EMSaov: An R package for the analysis of variance with the expected mean squares and its shiny application이은경; 김미정Article
2017Stochastic ordering for populations of manufactured items차지환Article in Press
2017Prediction of the residual failure processes based on the process history차지환Article
2017Reliability sampling plan for repairable items following general failure process and its statistical analysis차지환Article in Press
2017On bending (down and up) property of reliability measures in mixtures차지환Article
2017Effects of age, working memory, and word order on passive-sentence comprehension: Evidence from a verb-final language유재근; 성지은Article
2017On a New Shot Noise Process and the Induced Survival Model차지환Article in Press
2017Dimension test approach of heteroscedasticity in the linear model유재근Article
2017Multivariate countermonotonicity and the minimal copulas안재윤Article
2016Bayesian quantile multivariate receptor modeling오만숙Article
2002An investigation of the traditional algorithm-based designs for phase 1 cancer clinical trials강승호Article
2008Conditional Exact Tests for Dichotomous Data in the Comparison of Two Treatments with One Control Group강승호Article
2008Exact Tests for Epidemiological Risks under Independent Negative Binomial Sampling for Rare Events in Clinical Trials강승호Article
2004Weighted Random Regression Models and Dropouts강승호Article
2017Bootstrap forecast intervals for asymmetric volatilities via EGARCH model신동완Article
2003An Evaluation of Weighted Chi-Square Statistics for Clustered Binary Data강승호Article
2001A permutation test for nonindependent matched pair data강승호Article