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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2017Stochastic ordering for populations of manufactured items차지환Article in Press
2017PC versus smartphone, what makes difference? A latent class analysis of internet and smartphone addiction in adolescents이동환Meeting Abstract
2017Prediction of the residual failure processes based on the process history차지환Article
2017On bending (down and up) property of reliability measures in mixtures차지환Article
2017Reliability sampling plan for repairable items following general failure process and its statistical analysis차지환Article in Press
2017On a New Shot Noise Process and the Induced Survival Model차지환Article in Press
2017Effects of age, working memory, and word order on passive-sentence comprehension: evidence from a verb-final language유재근; 성지은Article
2016On Ageing Concepts for Repairable Items From Heterogeneous Populations차지환Article
2017Dimension test approach of heteroscedasticity in the linear model유재근Article in Press
2017Multivariate countermonotonicity and the minimal copulas안재윤Article
2017Response surface modelling of the pharmacodynamic interaction between propofol and remifentanil in patients undergoing anaesthesia이은경Article
2007Additive beneficial cardiovascular and metabolic effects of combination therapy with ramipril and candesartan in hypertensive patients이용희Article
2007A note on geometric ergodicity of a multiple threshold AR(1) processes on the boundary region with application to integrated m-m processes이외숙; 신동완Article
2007The size of the Cochran-Armitage trend test in 2 × C contingency tables강승호Article
2007Asymptotic efficiency of the ordinary least-squares estimator for sur models with integrated regressors신동완Article
2006Unit root tests for cross-sectionally dependent seasonal panels신동완; 이용희Article
2006The sizes of the three popular asymptotic tests for testing homogeneity of two binomial proportions강승호; 이용희Article
2007Asymmetry and nonstationarity for a seasonal time series model이외숙; 신동완Article
2006An instrumental variable approach for panel unit root tests under cross-sectional dependence신동완; 강승호Article
2007Model-based clustering with dissimilarities: A Bayesian approach오만숙Article