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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2018Feature selection for continuous aggregate response and its application to auto insurance data송종우Article
2018Accounting for uncertainty in source-specific exposures in the evaluation of health effects of pollution sources on daily cause-specific mortality오만숙Article
2018On preventive maintenance under different assumptions on the failure/repair processes차지환Article
2018Bivariate preventive maintenance of systems with lifetimes dependent on a random shock process차지환Article
2018Do we need the constant term in the heterogenous autoregressive model for forecasting realized volatilities?신동완; 유재근Article
2017Tests for structural breaks in memory parameters of long-memory heterogeneous autoregressive models신동완; 황은주Article in Press
2017Vector error correction heterogeneous autoregressive forecast model of realized volatility and implied volatility신동완Article in Press
2017Bivariate preventive maintenance for repairable systems subject to random shocks차지환Article
2017Parameter and quantile estimation for the generalized Pareto distribution in peaks over threshold framework송종우Article
2017Fused sliced average variance estimation유재근Article
2017A new general class of discrete bivariate distributions constructed by using the likelihood ratio차지환Article in Press
2017Multivariate reliability modelling based on dependent dynamic shock models차지환Article
2017On preventive maintenance of systems with lifetimes dependent on a random shock process차지환Article
2017Stationary bootstrapping for common mean change detection in cross-sectionally dependent panels신동완Article
2017Modeling Discrete Bivariate Data with Applications to Failure and Count Data차지환Article
2003Averaged boosting: A noise-robust ensemble method김용대Conference Paper
2017Value at risk forecasting for volatility index신동완Article
2017Semiparametric efficient estimators in heteroscedastic error models김미정Article in Press
2017On optimal grouping and stochastic comparisons for heterogeneous items차지환Article
2017Robust gene selection methods using weighting schemes for microarray data analysis송종우Article