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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2018Transcriptome analysis and anaerobic C-4-dicarboxylate transport in Actinobacillus succinogenes김옥빈Article
2018Preference for natural borders in rice paddies by two treefrog species장이권Article
2018Understanding plastome evolution in hemiparasitic santalales: Complete chloroplast genomes of three species, dendrotrophe varians, helixanthera parasitica, and macrosolen cochinchinensis이남숙Article
2018An integrated clinical and genomic information system for cancer precision medicine이상혁; 서지혜Proceedings Paper; Article
2018Lipidomic profiling reveals free fatty acid alterations in plasma from patients with atrial fibrillation강상원; 황금숙Article
2018GEMiCCL: mining genotype and expression data of cancer cell lines with elaborate visualization이상혁Article
2018Metabolic alterations in the bone tissues of aged osteoporotic mice이수영; 황금숙Article
2018Relationship between agro-environmental variables and breeding Hylids in rice paddies장이권Article
2018Inhibition of Neuroinflammation by AIBP: Spinal Effects upon Facilitated Pain States배윤수Article
1996Selection of peptides that bind to the HLA-A2.1 molecule by molecular modelling김길현Article
2008Dynamic female preference for multiple signals in Rhinogobius brunneus최재천Article
2007Identification of Tsuga germplasm by morphological characters and RAPD markers이남숙Article
1996Nonlinear-least-squares analysis of slow-motion EPR spectra in one and two dimensions using a modified levenberg-marquardt algorithm이상혁Article
1996Wild food plants in South Korea; market presence, new crops, and exports to the United States이남숙Article
1982Transcription of the two genomes in developmentally arrested sea urchin hybrid embryos이양림-
1988Changes in the protein components of vitelline envelope during oogenesis of a tubiculous polychaete, Schizobranchia insignis이양림Article
1990Effects of ethylene on the kinetics of curvature and auxin redistribution in gravistimulated roots of zea mays이준승Article
1990Effects of abscisic acid and xanthoxin on elongation and gravitropism in primary roots of zea mays이준승Article
1995Isolation of novel bioactive steroids from the soft coral Alcyonium gracillimum송준임Article
1995New secosteroids from an undescribed gorgonian of the genus Muricella송준임Article