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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2011Opto-mechanical performances of slewing mirror space telescope for GRB detection박일흥; George F. SmootConference Paper
2011Cosmology today - A brief reviewGeorge F. SmootConference Paper
2011The ultra-fast flash observatory's space GRB mission and science박일흥; 남지우; George F. Smoot; 임희진; 남구현Conference Paper
2011Ultra-fast flash observatory for detecting the early photons from gamma-ray bursts박일흥; 남지우; George F. Smoot; 임희진; 남구현Conference Paper
2012Entropic inflationGeorge F. SmootArticle
2012A next generation Ultra-Fast Flash Observatory (UFFO-100) for IR/optical observations of the rise phase of gamma-ray bursts박일흥; George F. Smoot; 임희진Conference Paper
2010Go with the flow, average holographic universeGeorge F. SmootArticle
2011Entropic accelerating universeGeorge F. SmootArticle
2014The status of the ultra fast flash observatory - pathfinderGeorge F. Smoot; Eric V. LinderArticle
2009The creation and history of the universeGeorge F. SmootConference Paper