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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2009CMB lensing constraints on dark energy and modified gravity scenariosGeorge F. SmootArticle
2010Go with the flow, average holographic universeGeorge F. SmootArticle
2010Probing cosmic strings with satellite CMB measurementsGeorge F. SmootArticle
2011Entropic accelerating universeGeorge F. SmootArticle
2012Entropic inflationGeorge F. SmootArticle
2014The status of the ultra fast flash observatory - pathfinderGeorge F. Smoot; Eric V. LinderArticle
2011Ultra-fast flash observatory for detecting the early photons from gamma-ray bursts박일흥; 남지우; George F. Smoot; 임희진; 남구현Conference Paper
2010Cosmology with the CMBGeorge F. SmootConference Paper
2012A next generation Ultra-Fast Flash Observatory (UFFO-100) for IR/optical observations of the rise phase of gamma-ray bursts박일흥; George F. Smoot; 임희진Conference Paper
2011The ultra-fast flash observatory's space GRB mission and science박일흥; 남지우; George F. Smoot; 임희진; 남구현Conference Paper