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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2012Form-focused CLTOh, Eun KyungMaster's Thesis
2012Academic English for Law StudentsCho, Hye WonMaster's Thesis
2012The City I Want to VisitLee, Hye KyungMaster's Thesis
2012Intensive Reading Course Book For Young LearnersPark, Hye RyunMaster's Thesis
2012English for Alternative School StudentsJung, Jae WonMaster's Thesis
2012English with Fun and Scientific ExperimentsKim, Min JungMaster's Thesis
2012Literature ReadingKim, Yun JooMaster's Thesis
2012고등학교 『중국어Ⅰ』 9종의 활동 자료 분석 및 지도방안 연구주미혜Master's Thesis
2012고등학교 중국어I 문화 내용 분석 및 문화 수업 활용 방안김수민Master's Thesis
2012상경계열 전공의 학문 목적 한국어 학습자를 위한 어휘 중심 교재 개발최진숙Master's Thesis